Learning Obedience Instead of Swear Words

Learning Obedience Instead of Swear Words July 6, 2020

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing Saloni and her encounter with the Gospel for Asia (GFA) VBS program, God’s instrument to soften hard hearts transforming children’s lives.

Foul words flew from Saloni’s mouth shaped like arrows pointed at her father, Laksh. Hot with anger at his young teen’s continual insolence, Laksh put his foot down and disciplined Saloni. But receiving the consequences of her actions only drove Saloni into sullenness. The 13-year-old withdrew, refusing to eat for an entire day.

Laksh tried to talk with his daughter the next day to convince her of the error of her ways. But respect in Saloni’s child-parent relationships had vanished long before. She cared little about what her parents told her to do. Saloni had joined a troublesome crowd and skipped school to wander the village with them. Soon, she skillfully quarreled with anyone who crossed her, pulling from a collection of foul words she learned from her new friends. Even when her misconduct led to discipline, Saloni ignored Laksh’s every word of correction.

Noah Impacts Rebellious Teen

Gospel for Asia founded by Dr. K.P. Yohannan: Discussing Saloni and her encounter with the Gospel for Asia VBS program, God's instrument to soften hard hearts transforming children's lives.
Saloni (pictured) wandered down a rebellious path with misleading friends and ignored her parents’ counsel. Then she heard the story of Noah, which changed her life.

In the midst of her rebellion, Saloni developed a friendship with a classmate, Nandini. One day while they chatted together, Nandini shared an interesting story she had just learned at a local Vacation Bible School program. It piqued Saloni’s curiosity, and the young girl quickly expressed interest in attending VBS too.

The next day, both girls entered the church where our pastor Pahal was hosting the Gospel for Asia (GFA) VBS program. Powerful truths filled Saloni’s ears as she carefully listened to her VBS teacher.

“Noah was a good person, and he feared God,” the teacher explained. “He obeyed God and built the ark according to His instructions. Because of that, his family was saved from the flood water.”

Until that moment, obedience had been low on Saloni’s priority list. After all, didn’t she have more fun playing with her friends and making her own decisions than she would have if she did what her parents told her to do? But the story of Noah’s obedience to God—and the subsequent deliverance he and his family experienced—made Saloni rethink her rebellious choices.

Contemplation Leads to Heart Change

Saloni began considering the implications of her actions, and she realized God values obedience and blesses those who obey.

Touched by this new understanding, Saloni resolved to obey her parents and fulfill her responsibilities well. The determination that used to empower her selfishness and rebellion now helped give Saloni the strength she needed to change her life’s course. Breaking off from her old habits, she bid farewell to her harmful friendships and resumed attending school regularly.

By the end of the week-long event, Saloni seemed like a different girl. Her parents observed her new choices with amazement.

“Our daughter’s life has changed after attending your [VBS] program,” they testified to Pastor Pahal.

Not long after first attending VBS, Saloni expressed faith in Christ. Sunday school at Pastor Pahal’s church became a regular part of her life, as did choosing to honor God. The old Saloni was gone, and the new Saloni walked daily in the power of God.

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