God’s Peace Comforts a Widow’s Heart through Gospel for Asia Pastor

God’s Peace Comforts a Widow’s Heart through Gospel for Asia Pastor October 26, 2020

WILLS POINT, TX – Gospel for Asia (GFA World and affiliates like Gospel for Asia Canada) founded by Dr. K.P. YohannanDiscussing Ruhae, the grief and hardships of an aging widow, the last living relative for her grandchildren, and the Gospel for Asia Pastor that brought God’s peace and comfort.

Her son was murdered. Her daughter-in-law and husband both succumbed to illnesses. Ruhae was the last living relative for her grandchildren but at 77-years-old, she knew she wouldn’t live much longer. Who would take care of her young grandchildren, only 12 and 8 years old, when she passed?

Gospel for Asia (founded by Dr. K.P. Yohannan: Discussing Ruhae, the grief and hardships of an aging widow, and the Gospel for Asia Pastor that brought God's peace and comfort.
Ruhae (pictured) had become her grandchildren’s sole caregiver, and she often worried for their futures.

Hardened by the World

That question kept Ruhae up at night as she agonized over the fate of her precious grandchildren. Even at 77 years old, she worked in the fields to scrape together enough money to feed her grandchildren. It was hard, menial labor, but Ruhae did it. How else would she provide for them?

The grief and hardships the aging widow had faced over the years hardened Ruhae’s heart. There is no place and no one who can give me peace, she thought.

Reigniting a Spark of Hope

Gospel for Asia pastor Shirom led a small fellowship of believers in Ruhae’s village. The temporary building his congregation met in was close to Ruhae’s home. Occasionally, the pastor and a few believers visited Ruhae, offering prayer and encouragement.

On one particular visit, Gospel for Asia (GFA) Pastor Shirom encouraged the widow to give all her cares and burdens to the Lord because He could give her the peace she was searching for. He could remove the anxiety she felt when she thought of her grandchildren’s future. He could lighten her burdens. The thought intrigued the widow, who had almost given up hope of finding relief for her and her grandchildren. Desiring to know more, Ruhae began attending services at Gospel for Asia (GFA) Pastor Shirom’s church.

Widow Learns The Peace That Passes Understanding through Gospel for Asia Pastor

Little by little, Ruhae’s heart opened up. The widow realized that no matter what had happened in her life and no matter what the future held, God loved her and He provided.

“I get peace worshiping the Lord,” Ruhae remarked. “When I worry, I tell everything to God. … Before knowing the Lord, I worried, but when I heard about the Lord, I began to call upon Him. In spite of all problems, I feel peace of mind and pray more and trust in the Lord alone.”

Ruhae embraced God’s love into her heart fully. The calm Ruhae now feels knowing her grandchildren will be looked after dwarfs the worries she felt before.

“I am not scared of what the future holds,” Ruhae declares. “God is there to take care of my grandchildren.”

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Source: Gospel for Asia Feature Article, God’s Peace Comforts a Widow’s Heart

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