Pastor, Psych Ward, Crazy Good Parent

Pastor, Psych Ward, Crazy Good Parent January 26, 2016
I left home that Sunday night knowing it would be the last time I would see my wife and baby boy. When I didn’t show up for my assignment the next day, my client started making phone calls until eventually someone reached my wife. She was dumbfounded.
Janice Lindegard says, “Crazy Good Parent was born out of my frustration at looking for support as a parent with a mental illness. This is meant to be a supportive place, but also one with a sense of humor. No need to be stiff or formal.”
I spent months, trying to figure out the perfect story to submit to Crazy Good Parent, and when I thought I had found that post, I sent it over. When Janice responded, wanting to tell the updated version of my story, three years later, I was surprised and grateful.
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