Learning to Believe I am Enough

Learning to Believe I am Enough March 12, 2016

A beanie baby ‘mysteriously’ exploded all over the living room, leaving the floor looking like it’s covered in hail. I have a pot of water boiling over on the stove, and the dog peed in the kitchen. All in five minutes. I texted my friend, and she answered back, “When this happens at my house, I hear the line from Finding Nemo, ‘The animals have all gone mad.’”

I laughed at her response, knowing it was true. Moments like these make me feel frazzled and inadequate. Like I am not enough to cover all my bases. Where is that cloning machine?! I felt certain some mad scientist would have perfected that technology by now.

I quickly triaged the situation, deciding which catastrophe was the most important. It was t-minus 58 minutes until I had to clock-in at work, my hair was still in a towel, my baby girl was begging for cereal, and my preschooler was sitting on the floor, scattering Beanie Baby guts everywhere. I was waiting for someone to come around the corner with a candid camera and $100.

When I had a moment to breathe, I took a little “Pincation,” I scrolled past an inspirational photo read “I do enough. I have enough. I am enough.” It sounded splendid, like I could wiggle my nose and magically be transported to the Land of Simplicity, where Mary Poppins snapped her fingers and organization happened without barely lifting a finger.

How can I truly believe “I do enough. Have enough. Am enough” when I didn’t even have time to pack my own lunch? An apple and a protein bar doesn’t necessarily equal a nutritionally-balanced meal.

How can I believe I am enough when I consistently show up late for church, feeling frazzled and guilty for yelling at my kids just moments before we leave the house.


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