Overcoming the Crippling Fear of Postpartum Depression

Overcoming the Crippling Fear of Postpartum Depression May 24, 2016

A baby is supposed to fill us with unspeakable joy, but for someone who has walked through the nightmare of postpartum depression, the fear can be crippling.How my baby helped me overcome crippling fear. Postpartum depression was a living nightmare after my first pregnancy, but I had a different experience with my daughter.

After my son’s birth, I suffered from severe postpartum depression. It was the darkest time in my life. I was hospitalized for nearly two weeks and separated from my newborn for most of that time. The situation was completely beyond my control, but I felt so much shame over it. With the help of good doctors and my amazing family, I began to recover and finally feel like myself again.

A couple of doctors strongly suggested that I never become pregnant again, but at my last psychiatric appointment, when Ben was about six months old, the doctor told me he believed it was an isolated incident, and I would be fine to have children in the future.

So, in August 2013, when two at-home pregnancy tests showed those two pink lines, I was paralyzed me with fear.

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