JOIN US: Christianity, Queers, and Crisis…and What about Orlando?

JOIN US: Christianity, Queers, and Crisis…and What about Orlando? June 23, 2016

The world is quaking with fear and uncertainty. We’ve seen the cultural and political landscape of our nation changing and mass violence increasing. And, especially after the recent tragedy in Orlando, many are afraid.

The Church has found itself sharply divided in the midst of this, waging a cultural battle over who gets to be a Christian. Some people are saying some pretty awful things on God’s behalf and others desperately want to help but have no clue where to begin.

In light of the mass shooting in Orlando, plus the one-year anniversary of Obergefell (the legalization of gay marriage), I’ve called on the best and brightest to join me for a Blab chat about “Christianity, Queers, and Crisis…and what about Orlando?”

If you’ve ever had questions like these, this chat is for you:

  • I’m a Christian. And I’m straight. How do I even start a conversation with a gay person?
  • What are some practical ways I can support the LGBTQ community right now?
  • I’m grieving for Orlando and/or the gay community. How long will this last? What can I do to heal?
  • I don’t agree with homosexuality, but can I disagree without being homophobic? Does disagreement have to mean disconnection?
  • I’m queer. And the church has orphaned me. What now?
  • I attend church, but my child/loved one recently came out. How do I reconcile these two worlds?
  • I’m queer. And I believe my life can teach Christians a lot. But will they ever listen?

If you’re wrestling with any of these questions or just want to know how to love your LGBTQ neighbor, don’t miss our Grace is Messy panel of experts. You’ll hear from these fresh, respected voices:

Liz Edman is the author of “Queer Virtue: What LGBTQ People Know About Life and Love and How It Can Revitalize Christianity”. You can read my thoughts on her book here and here.

Blab Chat: Part I


Blab Chat: Part II


As an openly lesbian Episcopal priest and professional advocate for LGBTQ justice, the Reverend Elizabeth Edman has spent her career grappling with the core tenets of her faith. After deep reflection on her tradition, Edman is struck by the realization that her queer identity has taught her more about how to be a good Christian than the Church has.

By bringing queer ethics and Christian theology into conversation, Edman also shows how the realities of queer life demand a lived response of high moral caliber—one that resonates with the ethical path laid down by Christianity. Lively and impassioned, Edman proposes that queer experience be celebrated as inherently valuable, ethically virtuous, and illuminating the sacred.

Kevin Garcia is a writer, speaker, musician, and creative. Kevin’s heart is for the LGBT+ community, folks in the midst of their quarter-life crisis, and those marginalized by the Church to be welcomed back into the family of God. Kevin recently shared a guest post on my blog.

Kevin is the author of, “So Are You a Practicing Homosexual? And Other Things I Wish You’d Stop Saying”. You can download it for free right here. He is also the Deep South Regional Coordinator for The Change Project and writes about following Jesus as a gay man over at

Faydra Koenig is “America’s Crisis Coach”. You can listen to my recent podcast interview with Faydra by clicking right here.

Are you stuck, feeling like you have the right pieces to the puzzle but can’t quite put them together? Are you not even sure what the puzzle is supposed to be, but know the pieces are all over the damn floor and you need to clean that crap up before you really lose it? Have you lost it already?

Faydra specializes in helping people process painful life events, discover a purpose within the pain, pick up the pieces and find meaning in life after crisis.

Join me for a conversation with Kevin Garcia, Liz Edman, and Faydra Koenig to talk about Christianity, Queers & Crisis.

CLICK HERE to tune into this important conversation.

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