Introducing Random-Text Tuesday (RTT)

Introducing Random-Text Tuesday (RTT) April 4, 2017


I thought it would be fun to start a regular weekly series on my blog. So every Tuesday, I’m going to randomly select a text from scripture to write about. The randomizing algorithm I set up should give roughly equal opportunity to the Old and New Testaments, and it will include the Deuterocanon (commonly called the Apocrypha) in the latter.

My approach to the text will vary from week to week as well. I want to give each text freedom to lead me where it will. Sometimes, I may offer a straightforward exposition. Sometimes, I may enter into questions of textual criticism. Sometimes, I may push back against the text itself, especially if it is one that enables violence or oppression. And sometimes, I may just talk about the association brought to the text by my own meditation thereon.

This is an experiment, so we’ll see how it goes and how long I want to keep it up. I’ll also try to update this introductory post with an index of all the texts I write about for Random-Text Tuesday (RTT):

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