December 5, 2019

  Guest Post on Making Better Decisions By Mark Faust What is the process you should use for making better decisions? Agree first on the process of making the decision Who owns the decision Who are the stakeholders What is the objective What are the alternatives What are the risks How will we decide Making Better Decisions Faster Are there decisions you have put off that could potentially be of great benefit to the company? Do you sometimes feel like… Read more

November 29, 2019

Negotiators, even professional ones, make surprisingly many wrong decisions that doom negotiations that should have succeeded. Many of these mistakes relate to overestimating how well they can read the feelings and thoughts of other parties in the negotiation, as well as the extent to which the other party can read their feelings and thoughts. For instance, research shows that negotiators who sought to conceal their desires did a better job than they thought they did. In turn, those who tried… Read more

November 21, 2019

Isn’t it wonderful to have certainty, confidence, and clarity about what you’re going to do going forward? In the context of our increasingly disrupted, globalizing, and multicultural world, business leaders greatly appreciate the security and comfort of clear-cut strategic plans for the future. After all, following our in-the-moment intuitions frequently leads to business disasters, and strategic plans help prevent such problems. Tragically, popular business strategic analyses meant to address the weaknesses of human thinking through structures and planning are deeply… Read more

November 15, 2019

You probably heard the business advice of “failing to plan is planning to fail.” That phrase is a misleading myth at best and actively dangerous at worst. Making plans is important, but our gut reaction is to plan for the best-case outcomes, ignoring the high likelihood that things will go wrong. A much better phrase is “failing to plan for problems is planning to fail.” To address the very high likelihood that problems will crop up, you need to plan… Read more

October 31, 2019

True leaders at any level of the totem pole show their leadership primarily through emotional intelligence, knowing and managing their own emotions. After all, the only things we can control in life are our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and if we can manage those, we can lead our organizations from anywhere in the hierarchy. If we know about how our minds work, we can be intentional about influencing our own thinking and feeling patterns. We can evaluate reality more clearly,… Read more

October 27, 2019

Avoiding disastrous decisions and maximizing success through effective leadership decision making involves:   1) Deciding the decision criteria 2) Weighing the importance of criteria 3) Grading your options using the criteria 4) Checking with your head and gut 5) Sticking to your choice   This is the key takeaway message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Show, which describes the technique for Avoiding Disastrous Decisions. Videocast: “Avoiding Disastrous Decisions via Effective Leadership Decision Making”     Podcast: “Avoiding… Read more

October 4, 2019

In order to make the best decisions, follow these decision-making process steps:   1) Identify need for decision 2) Get relevant info 3) Decide goals 4) Develop criteria 5) Generate a few viable options 6) Weigh options 7) Implement decision 8) Revise implementation and decision as needed   That’s the key take-away message of this episode of the Wise Decision Maker Guide, which describes the 8-Step Process for Making the Best Decisions.   Videocast: “8 Key Leadership Decision-Making Process Steps… Read more

October 3, 2019

  The President-Elect of the EU Commission Ursula van der Leyen, the Austrian Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein, the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Secretary Genera Elhadj As Syl, the CEO of Penguin Random House Markus Dohle, billionaire philanthropist and Chair of Bertelsmann Management Group Liz Mohn, and two dozen other high-profile global elites joined me at Trilogue Salzburg in August 2019.   This yearly event is described by its organizers as follows: “Surrounded by the stimulating atmosphere of the Salzburg Festival, the… Read more

September 28, 2019

  Imagine you’re really excited about a new idea for a collaborative project. You send an e-mail about it to a friend who you just know is going to be as excited as you. You’re waiting on pins and needles for a response, checking your inbox every hour. A couple of hours pass, then a couple more. You’re getting stressed and anxious, waiting on the edge of your seat for a reply. The next day goes by, and another day…. Read more

September 23, 2019

We frequently use debates to resolve different opinions about the truth. However, debates are not always the best course for figuring out the truth. In more emotionally charged situations, the technique of collaborative truth-seeking is often better.   The Problem with Debates   The usual method of hashing out disagreements in order to discover the truth about reality is through debates, in person or online. Yet more often than not, people on opposing sides of a debate end up seeking… Read more

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