"What Does It Mean to Contextualize the Gospel?" by Werner Mischke

"What Does It Mean to Contextualize the Gospel?" by Werner Mischke June 5, 2013

Check out Werner Mischke’s post “What does it mean to contextualize the gospel?



[UPDATE: Werner left a comment letting us know that the above link is not downloadable. Instead, you can click here for the same presentation with some added details.]


He opens with a question posed by the late missionary-theologian Lesslie Newbigin,

How can the gospel “come alive” in all these different cultural contexts, and still be the same authentic gospel? That is the problem of contextualization.

He posts a helpful slideshow talking about the gospel and honor-shame. At one point, he contrasts the Four Spiritual Laws with his own honor-shame booklet, The Father’s Love, which I previously reviewed on my blog.


He was also been kind enough to spotlight Saving God’s Face a number of times in his slideshow. Thank you Werner.

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  • Thanks so much for the promo on my presentation! I was at the ACMI conference (http://acmiconference.wix.com/acmi2013) for two workshops on honor and shame this past weekend. I did a slightly revised version of this presentation, (http://www.slideshare.net/WernerMischke/contextualization-acmi) and also promoted your book and blog (rather aggressively). There were a lot of people there involved in ministering to Chinese students. The reaction to the presentation was very favorable. I think many saw for the first time how much we “assume the gospel”, the significance of honor and shame in Scripture, and the challenge of contextualization. Thanks again!

    • I thank the Lord for your ministry. The Church needs people like yourself, who live in the West, to remind us that God’s word is bigger than any one culture or tradition. Living in East Asia, I cant be as vocal an advocate as you among Western churches. Your fervor for Christ and the nations encourages me. Thank you for letting people know about the book and the blog. I do pray that I too can be helpful.

  • jmassey4

    Thank You gentlemen both for the information and slide show. I will be working with some volunteers here in country and I now have a quality PowerPoint tool to use. Thanks Again Brothers for your diligent study on this topic. Loving Honor/Shame and still learning, BM

    • Glad the material is being shared … There are two versions of this presentation on my SlideShare site. The one which Jackson Wu referred to is not downloadable. However, this one is downloadable:

      http://www.slideshare.net/WernerMischke/contextualization-acmi. …

      and it has a few more details. The title is “Knowing and sharing the gospel of Christ in the language of honor and shame”.

      It all makes me wonder at the goodness of God and the glory of Christ—in and over all cultures and peoples!