Train Short-term Workers to Do Contextualization (Orientation Packet)

Train Short-term Workers to Do Contextualization (Orientation Packet) September 26, 2013

Do you ever have volunteer teams come to China?

East Asia emblem

I have created a contextualization packet specifically designed for short-term, cross-cultural workers. This packet can serve as an orientation guide for people less familiar with China and issues related to contextualizing the gospel.

Long-term workers can use this packet to train national partners, team members as well as short-term volunteer teams. You can click the link above or check out my resource page.

It is short enough for those who don’t want to read an entire book. Yet, it is long enough that team leaders and those with a great interest in theological matters.

The packet also contains a short bibliography for those looking for introductions to various topics.

Here is a snapshot of the table of contents. For those who have previously seen this packet, I have updated it very recently.

Contextualization Guide for Short-term Cross-Cultural Workers (TABLE OF CONTENTS)

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