EMQ Reviews "Saving God's Face"

EMQ Reviews "Saving God's Face" April 15, 2014

Thanks for EMQ (Evangelical Missions Quarterly) for reviewing Saving God’s Face in its April issue!

It was reviewed by Glen Osborn, president, China Outreach Ministries. In his conclusion, he is kind enough to add:

This book helps westerners understand honor/shame and discover new personal depths of God’s great plan of grace and love. We benefit from multiple cultural perspectives of the truth of God’s word and his gospel for the entire world. We are also helped in developing contextualized applications of the gospel for reaching Chinese. The book reminds me that although we never can fully understand another culture, we must try. And we need our brothers and sisters of other cultures to not only help us understand, but to lead us in effectively promoting the gospel within those cultures.

Also, this month’s issue has a number of articles that will serve as good food for thought. For example, …

Surmounting Community Honor and Islamic Law in Muslim Culture

Seeking Asian-American Theologies

New Narratives toward a Biblical Response to Animism: Perspective from Church History & Scripture


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