Jesus Creed begins "Christian Political Witness" series

Jesus Creed begins "Christian Political Witness" series May 1, 2014

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Today, I began a new series that integrates politics, theology, the gospel, missiology, and the Chinese church.

In the first few posts, I introduce the series by reviewing a new book called “Christian Political Witness.” Today’s post considers the question, “Is the Chinese Church Political?

In this series, I’ll examine a number of topics. Many things I bring up are not typically thought of as “political” issues. However, that is precisely a major point I hope to bring out –– the Church is inherently “political” but not like some people think.

In other words, when we say the church is “political,” we’re not necessarily talking about Republicans, Democrats, and Communists.

In upcoming posts, I’ll address things like the “biblical inerrancy” debate, the gospel, social ministry, collectivism and individualism, among other themes. Interestingly, although many people are concerned with church planting, few recognize the very close relationship between ecclesiology and a “Christian political witness.”

Throughout the series, I will seek to apply insights from the book to the Chinese church.

What does it mean for the Chinese church to have a “Christian political witness”?

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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