How does God seek "face"?

How does God seek "face"? September 2, 2014

A few weeks ago, I released a video explaining how honor-shame might influence our gospel conversations. Today, the focus shifts to the Bible itself.

The video below explains the biblical story in terms of honor-shame (i.e. face).

On the one hand, it is intended to be a training tool. However, the video could also serve as an introduction to the gospel. Of course, like all such tools, it needs a person to explain and clarify certain ideas.

Of course, much more could be said. Other biblical themes are important as well. We can’t say everything in a few minutes. For a “full” gospel presentation, we’d have to read (or hear) the entire Bible. We have to begin somewhere. I hope this video helps in some way.

I want to be quick to say that this video is just one possible example. Various adaptions could (and should) be made depending on a change in context.

I have provided the Chinese version below (神如何追求脸?) with certain adaptions to fit a Chinese context.


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