Just Signed Contract for New Book!

Just Signed Contract for New Book! August 28, 2014

I just signed a contract for my newest book! It is titled One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization.

The book is due out this coming winter (December 2014–January 2015). Thanks to William Carey Library for their vision and support of this book.

WCL logoJust as the title suggests, this book offers a practical approach for doing biblical contextualization. Why the word “biblical”? In this book, I suggest that we can see a very distinct pattern whenever the biblical writers talk about the gospel. That pattern then can become a framework for contextualizing the gospel in any cultural context.

In essence, this book explicitly explains the implicit process underlying my first book, Saving God’s Face.

In addition, I will show a practical model that is both firm and flexible. It is firm by virtue of the fact that is uses a pattern consistently used across the biblical canon. There is ONE gospel. Yet, the model also allows for a high degree of flexibility. After all, we see a great deal of variety in the Bible when it comes to how people discuss and present this one gospel.

Therefore, this book is a bridge between missiology and theology. It provides a practical process while not overlooking the important role of biblical interpretation. In short, I hope One Gospel for All Nations will be an example of applied theology.

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