Do you want "face"?

Do you want "face"? August 13, 2014

Have you ever wondered how honor-shame might influence a gospel presentation?

This video gives just a small glimpse into how such a conversation might flow. It is guided by two questions related to “face.”

  • Who are your relationships? (i.e. ascribed honor and shame)
  • What have you done? (i.e. achieved honor and shame)

These are the two ways that a person can either get face or lose face.

The video is intended to be a training video used to help people understand in part how “face” might influence our gospel conversations. Below is the Chinese version of this video.

**Note: For some reason, iPhones may not show the video posted above. For a direct link, click here.

It is NOT meant to be a gospel presentation. Of course, it does contain a number of ideas that could shape the way someone presents the gospel.

In a few weeks, I will release another video that uses honor-shame to tell the grand biblical story. Because that video will be more biblical/theological in nature, one could more easily see it as an introduction to the gospel. (UPDATE: Click here for the second video)

I would love to hear your feedback. Let me a comment and let me know you suggestions, questions, or any other thoughts.

Here is the Chinese language version: 你要脸吗? It has been adapted in places to better suit a Chinese context.

** For those interested, you click here for the link to the Chinese version posted on youku.


Photo Credit: SGT Pablo Piedra/flickr

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