How Would Jesus Tell It? Crafting Stories for Honor-Shame Cultures

How Would Jesus Tell It? Crafting Stories for Honor-Shame Cultures January 5, 2015
JANUARY_2015_COVERWant to craft a story from an honor-shame perspective?


Check out the January 2015 issue of Evangelical Missions Quarterly (EMQ).

I’ve contributed an article entitled, “How Would Jesus Tell It? Crafting Stories from an Honor-Shame Perspective.

As I looked around, I found little to nothing on this specific topic. The article suggests five practical steps or stages to crafting a story for an honor-shame context.

The subjects of orality, honor-shame, and story crafting are vast. There’s no way to everything in one article. However, I do hope this essay will serve as a starting point for practical reflection on the topic.

We need to have a good conversation about how we practically allow a cultural worldview to shape our the stories we tell.

Take a look at the EMQ article, pass it along to friends, and let me know what you would add to conversation. How have you allowed honor and shame to frame the way to craft the biblical stories (particularly among oral peoples)?

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  • I would love to read the article but access is denied to anyone who isn’t a subscriber to the magazine. :-(

    • Hmmm. Perhaps, you could ask them for a trial membership? Or, they may give me permission to release the article after a certain period of time (maybe after a few months?). I’ll have to check on that.