Reinterpreting Contextualization (Session 1 Training Video)

Reinterpreting Contextualization (Session 1 Training Video) June 14, 2017

In the coming weeks, I will release 4 full length training videos.

The audio comes from the 2016 theology conference hosted by Singapore Bible College. I have overlapped the audio with visuals to assist groups who might want to use the material for training purposes.

Session 1: Reinterpreting Contextualization

Session 2: How does the Bible Contextualize the Gospel?

Session 3: How does the Bible Explain the Gospel?

Session 4: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization

These videos explore a practical approach to contextualizing the gospel in a way that is biblically faithful and culturally meaningful. They propose a firm but flexible model of contextualization that is rooted in biblical theology and useful for doing ministry in any cultural context. Accordingly, we’re able to put together theology and missiology so that the Bible shapes both our message and our methods.

Below, I have links to the video, audio as well as the study guide.



If you have problems seeing the video, click here.

“All theology is contextualized theology.” This has emerged as something of a dictum among many missiologists and theologians. We all come to Scripture with our limited worldviews and varying assumptions. In light of these realities, Session One examines common evangelical views about contextualization, which is largely regarded as application and communication.

However, a holistic approach to contextualization has a more foundational starting point––biblical interpretation. In the process, I offer a few criteria for healthy contextualization. Also, I’ll address an important preliminary concern––the relationship between culture and the Bible.


Study Guide for Session 1

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