Will you pray to change the world?

Will you pray to change the world? July 6, 2022

Last week, I announced my decision to become the theologian-in-residence for GTN. In that post, I said this:

If we want to change the world, …

people have to pray for it.

people have to pay for it.

Today, I’m only focusing on the first line: prayer.

To accomplish what we (my partners and I) want to do, we need a lot of prayers because the enemy does not want us to succeed. This means recruiting a prayer support team. If you’re on this page, then I know you want to change the world.

Will you pray for it with us?

As a member of this team, you’ll get updates on the work we’re doing, ambitions for future labor, and receive information on resources being developed. In this way, you will not only be kept up to date on the ministry being done around the world; I’ll invite some of you to contribute your insights. What do I mean?

Many of you have experience and wisdom that could bless the work I’m leading. So, at times, I’ll turn to people on this prayer team for counsel or advice when I’m thinking through creative, strategic, or logistic decisions. I want to hear from you and learn from your experiences as I develop resources and consider specific ministry options.

God’s people––the church–– are called to be interdependent.

And, by the way, a prayer team is a prayer team. You won’t get be inundated with requests (in the form of “prayers”) to financially support us. As prayer partners, we trust that you are aware of the needs and will ask the Father on our behalf. We know not everyone can support us financially, but everyone can pray.

Will you become a prayer partner? Scan the QR code below with your phone camera. Or you can go to the website to join the prayer team. 

Finally, I will pray for you. Like Paul, I am called to pray for those who are co-laboring with me on this journey. Thank you for being a part of it.

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