A Hudson Taylor movie is in the works!

A Hudson Taylor movie is in the works! December 27, 2023

I recently learned that a screenplay has already been written for a new movie on Hudson Taylor! So, I invited the group making the movie to tell you more about it.


In 2012 in the midst of preparations to celebrate its 150th founding anniversary, OMF received a curious suggestion from a Christian television network: “When would OMF make a film on the life of Hudson Taylor? Why doesn’t OMF produce one?”

That suggestion led to prayerful discussions that culminated in the decision to make a movie on the life of Hudson Taylor. In that same year, OMF established the non-profit organization Half Crown Media (HCM) with the mandate of realizing the Hudson Taylor movie project.

This project is not just about making a movie. Instead, we seek two things, to make a movie and to contribute to a movement.

Make a Movie

HCM is planning to make and distribute a high-quality movie on the inspirational true story of Hudson Taylor and his wife Maria. We want to tell this story not because Taylor was OMF’s founder but because he was a very ordinary man— someone we can all relate to.

Taylor was seen as average, impulsive, frail, and even a failure. When he arrived in China as a 21 years old medical student, no one thought much of his dream of taking the gospel beyond the treaty ports of China. By the time he passed away, there were gospel stations in every inland province of China, his life impacting millions up to the present day— including the establishment of many schools, opium refuges, hospitals and Taylor paving the way, previously unheard of, for single women and working-class folks to serve as mission workers.


In Psalm 145:4, we are given this to emulate: “One generation commends Your works to another; they tell of Your mighty acts.” OMF, through HCM responds to this verse with the Hudson Taylor Movie Project. We want to declare the mighty works of God through the story of Hudson Taylor to a new generation.


Contribute to a Movement

Post-movie, our goal is the transformed lives of viewers. We are contributing to Christian missional movements by facilitating a global network of churches and Christian organizations that will offer extensive ‘next-step’ resources equipping viewers to respond personally to God— whether this is to turn to the God of Hudson and Maria, to deepen one’s faith or to explore opportunities to serve locally or cross-culturally.

As OMF International General Director Rev Dr Patrick Fung puts it, our hope is “that all who watch this movie will not go away empty-handed!”

Twists and Turns

In 2015, HCM received a large, surprise gift that funded the initial stage of this project. In the ensuing years, we focused on developing a screenplay that would first, honor God, second, portray Hudson Taylor without over-dramatization or idolization, and thirdly, honor the Chinese culture. This proved a tall order. Six times, after much effort and time invested, we felt compelled to reject the screenplay put before us and cry out to God, “What now?” Each time, however, God provided encouragement to persevere on.

Finally, we were connected to a talented storyteller, Matt Mikalatos. He wrote an engaging screenplay depicting the love between Hudson and Maria, the love they experienced from their Chinese friends and the unfailing love of God for the Taylors and the Chinese.

In October 2020, we celebrated the completion and approval of this screenplay!

Preparing for Production

With the screenplay in hand, HCM is now raising funds to start production. The entire movie budget is USD $14 million — USD $7 million is for production and the other USD$7 million for distribution but we are only raising production funds currently. By 31 December 2024, we need USD$7 million to begin production.

Within HCM, we often remind each other of the words of Hudson Taylor: “There are three stages to every great work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.” As CEO Soo Loh put it,

“When it comes to the …movie project, welcome to Difficult. We have already seen God do the impossible. How else could we explain an unexpected million-dollar donation—from a single couple no less—to help fund the initial development of this project? …What brought us to this stage was only a small act of faith: to pray and initiate the movie project. The rest is merely witnessing the continued provision and guidance of God.”

Will you join us in praying and witnessing God’s working in the Hudson Taylor movie project? We invite your partnership, from ‘Difficult’ to ‘Done’!

For more information, please drop us a line or visit us here

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