12 Favorite Posts from 2023

12 Favorite Posts from 2023 December 19, 2023

As the year winds down, we all look forward to the same thing—year-end lists! So, here are twelve posts (in chronological order) that resonated deeply with readers

On this site, several articles sparked conversation, contemplation, and sometimes controversy. Let me know if your favorite didn’t make the list or if there’s one that you’d like me to expand on in the coming year.

The List of Top Posts

  1. In “Affirming Penal Substitution But Not Its Logic,” we delved into the complexities of atonement theory, challenging traditional interpretations while affirming the doctrine’s significance.
  1. Bearing Sin Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does” offered a fresh perspective on a familiar phrase, inviting us to rethink our understanding of sin-bearing in the light of the biblical context.
  1. Should multiplication be the goal of missions?” was provocative for some, encouraging for others. It questioned the metrics of success in missions, urging a reevaluation of our goals in light of the Great Commission.
  1. Why We Need a Portfolio of Identities” explored the multifaceted nature of our identities. This topic causes much confusion and conflict. The post t argues for a holistic approach to how we perceive ourselves and others.
  1. No One Can ‘Validate’ Emotions, Not Even You” is an introspective piece, addressing the often-misunderstood concept of emotional validation and how it relates to our spiritual and emotional health.
  1. In a candid response, I wrote “Aubrey Sequeira questions me on the atonement. Here are my answers” to engage in a robust theological discussion to bring clarity and depth to this central doctrine.
  1. Challenging conventional beliefs, “Romans 7 Does Not Say People Have a Sin Nature” urged readers to consider Paul’s words afresh and their implications for understanding human nature.
  1. Christ Calls Us to Vulnerable Joy” encouraged believers to embrace joy not as a fleeting emotion but as a courageous act of faith amid trials.
  1. When Everything is Essential: Evangelicals’ Theological Trojan Horse” warned of the dangers of theological overreach and the importance of discerning core doctrines.
  1. Dignity, Honor, and Face Cultures: What’s the Difference?” distinguished between these overlapping but distinct concepts, each having implications for cross-cultural engagement and ministry.
  1. Tackling a difficult question, “Must God punish every sin … including forgiven sins?” reflects on the attributes of God’s justice and mercy, raising serious questions about what’s involved in divine forgiveness.
  1. Why Artemis is Nobody’s Mother” provided a wide-spectrum review of an important book that navigates the intersection of historical research, biblical studies, and contemporary application.

Each of these posts adds a small piece of a larger conversation. Let me know which posts stick out to you. Share it with others so we can keep the conversation going.

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