Prince talks religion, says we’re not one big happy family

Prince talks religion, says we’re not one big happy family July 5, 2013

Pop icon Prince recently gave an interview to V Magazine writer Vanessa Grigoriadis.

When it looked at one point as if the exchange might end, Grigoriadis got in what she deemed her big question: “How do you, as a religious person, reconcile the religious impulse with what most of your songs are about, which is the sexual one?” That’s worth asking. Since Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness some time back, more than one person has wondered about the incongruity.

Prince said he didn’t feel like discussing it, but the question did prompt one thing worth mentioning.

“[D]o you see a difference in religions?” Prince asked.

No, answered Grigoriadis. “[A]ll religions are based on the same idea and then corrupted by their human leaders.”

It’s a pretty common thought. Faiths are like different paths up the same mountain, and we’re all en route to God. But some people have figured out how to game the travelers and co-opt the path for their own gain. This is the mantra of the spiritual-but-not-religious types, the guiding light of the New Agers. But Prince was having none of it.

“If one religion believes Christ is the king, and another doesn’t,” he said, “then there’s a difference in religions.”

Indeed, and we’re fooling ourselves if we think otherwise.

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  • kevin kirkpatrick

    Grigoriadis’s statement that all religions are the same simply relfects the ignorance I often find even among VERY smart and well educated athiests. They read a book on comparative religion as a freshman in college, decided they knew all there was to know, and haven’t thought about it for ten years. Funny that Prince has a better handle on the truth than 100% of these guys, who have a lot more book learning than prince does (most likely).

    • Joel J. Miller

      Exactly. That was the standout part of the exchange for me. Interesting to hear him draw the line for the interviewer.

    • kobio

      The only reason you think he has a handle on it is because you agree with him. If he stated something that didn’t align with you, he would have been ignorant or wrong (in your opinion). This is what makes all religions at least, similar. The nauseating self righteousness.

      • Joel J. Miller


      • rob

        It’s interesting to point out that the nauseating self righteousness isn’t limited to or the sole jurisdiction of the religious. Plenty of non-religious, atheist and agnostic people are as fervently self righteous when arguing their beliefs. It’s seems that all of us can be bigoted in that regard.

        • kirfy

          True, but there are a lot less of them, so there are a lot less of them shoving their views down our throats.

  • Danny Haszard

    Prince sexual excesses would get 99.% of any and all other ordinary Jehovah’s Witnesses rank and file members disfellowshipped (excommunicated).
    Looks like celebrity and money talks same with Scientology and their celebs.
    Prince doesn’t need the money from performing,his net worth is over $100 million?
    As a longtime Jehovah’s Witness I have been following his conversion to the faith.
    My page at dannyhaszard(dot)com

  • Andrew Dowling

    Prince’s religiously-supported aversion to certain medicinal remedies likely contributed to his early demise.