Announcing the Official “Photoshop Gesturing John” Contest

Announcing the Official “Photoshop Gesturing John” Contest October 27, 2010

Okay, fine.

I wanted to innocently share a bit of what it was like during my talk this past Sunday, so I posted these pictures of me doin’ my thing.

And then you guys started being … well, you guys.

First (from Ben Husmann), I got in this:

(Man, that is awesome.)

Then I received this, from reader Leslie M.:

Which I must admit I’m mad for.

Then, today, reader Kara sent me this, which actually kind of took my breath away:

Kara actually sent me two versions of the picture above; the other one was sans mask. I was wondering which of her two to use—until I got in this mega-whopper, from reader Tim Arnold:

This is just … beyond awesome. Sloppin da boss, mon!

So. The Photoshop Gesturing John contest is now open.

Using any of the photos on this post, Photoshop away. The contest will close at noon PST this Monday, Nov. 1. Sometime shortly thereafter I will post all of the entries. The winner will be chosen by popular vote.

The prize for Best Photoshopped picture of me will an autographed and inscribed copy of each of my two books, and other gift/s TBD.

You people … well, kill me.

Email your photos to: johnshore [AT] sbcglobal [DOT] net  . Enter as many pictures as you think I can stand before I’m forced to move to Papua New Guinea.

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  • DR

    All incredible. But oh, that second one. Brilliant.

  • are we allowed to have our geek husbands help us?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, yes.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, SUPER creative, that one.

  • Anonymous

    With his submission, Tim Arnold wrote, “Your right hand is actually Gary Sinise’s. That’s his bass you’re playing. A little musician humor: What do you throw a drowning bass player? His amplifier.”

  • Lisbeth

    OMG, that’s hilarious (your right hand being Gary Sinise’s)! So glad you cleared that up… I was kinda wondering about that hand. And can I just say again that I think you, John, are the cat’s pajamas for officially sanctioning the “Photoshop Gesturing John” contest. When you’re not making me think, you’re making me laugh out loud!

  • yay for geeks!

  • Marcelo

    Technically, that’s a bass guitar. (Sorry, I’m a guitar snob.) It’s a sweet one, by the way. And it was an awesome shop job for that pic.

  • Kelly

    I’m almost afraid to show this contest to my husband. But, it’s too much to resist. I can not be responsible for what he comes up with…..I’m just sayin’! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Trust me: it’s not possible to be worst/better/more outrageous than the stuff I’ve gotten in so far. I mean … I thought I was imaginative. Not!

  • Did mine come through yet?

  • Anonymous

    Got it, Ethan! Very good!

  • Thanks! I’m a bit of a praise hog. I’ll take what I can get.

  • Anonymous

    (No human alive ISN’T a complete praise hog, by the way.)

  • denver

    John, you have an evil twin?! O.O

    And sans mask, you look a little Eric Clapton with the guitar! 🙂

  • Ace

    well I e-mailed my entry to you, please make sure your spam filter doesn’t catch it (since it probably belongs there, LOL)

  • Stephanie

    UGH I forgot to submit mine… Looks like alot of fun!