May drag queens have the final say on being gay and Chick-fil-A? [VIDEO]

May drag queens have the final say on being gay and Chick-fil-A? [VIDEO] July 31, 2012

Ah, art. For when regular words can’t even come close to expressing the whole.

If you are a Christian who is offended by the video below, all I can say (and apologize for saying; I certainly grok the obnoxiousness of such a prescription) is please get out of the house more often. You owe it to yourself, your family, and certainly your relationship with God to go where some Actual Gay People are: to visit with some gay people, hang out with some gay people, get to know some gay people. And when you do that, prepare to above all be stunned and amazed by their radical, unbelievable, overwhelming normalcy.

The three stars of this video (who, I should perhaps hasten to add, are no more typical of gay people than a disco ball is typical of lightbulbs) don’t mean you any harm. They’re not crazy; they’re not (or certainly not as evidenced by this mondo camporrific extravaganza) immoral; they’re not seeking to turn your children gay. They’re having great time being funny and showing off their chops. That’s all they’re doing. And that’s enough. That’s more than enough.

If you can’t see this as the uncomplicated and delightfully ebullient celebration of brio that it is, then God help you. And I won’t apologize for saying that.

(Now, all that said, I do think that if honestly undertaken a valuable conversation might be had around those aspects of this video which it’s reasonable to guess might make some people to at least some degree uncomfortable: the raw language, perhaps, or the overt sexuality. If that’s a conversation any of you guys might like to have, let’s. )

Lyrics: *

Willam Belli….Detox…and Vicky…You might feel shamed

(You should feel shamed)

Detox: “You’re an abomination”

We might cross dress but that’s not what’s to blame

Willam: Making your coins but it’s all for food

We’ll do anything; we’re down for groups

After taking some dudes from behind

(Detox: “I’m a top!”)

All we want to score is chicken fried


Some day somebody’s gonna make you wanna gobble up a waffle fry

But no, go, don’t ya know, Chick-Fil-A say you make the baby Jesus cry

Detox: “Baby who?”

Dudes with boobs, gay for pay – even dykes say “YAY!”

Chow down at Chick-Fil-A,

Chow down at Chick-Fil-A, even if you’re gay

Detox: “Even if you’re gay”

Chow down at Chick-Fil-A

Vicky: “I know what I want.”

Willam: Have it you’re way (Have it your way)

Detox: Yeah, take that [bad word]

BK, McD’s, Subway all taste the same

Willam: Preservatives!

You’re tired of eating meat that just went “moo”

Detox: “Moooo!”

Vicky: “Sorry ‘bout it!”

Willam: Taco Tuesday makes your butt spew (insert flatulence)

Vicky: “That’s gross.”

Willam: Please don’t sue us for libel, we just want a little meat without your Bible

Willam: Ooohoohoooohhh

Someday somebody’s gonna make you wanna gobble up a waffle fry

But no, go, don’t you know Chick-Fil-A say you make the Baby Jesus want to cry


Dudes with boobs, gay for pay, even dykes say “Yay!”

So chow down at Chick-Fil-A, Chow down at Chick-Fil-A

Even if you’re gay (Even if you’re gay)

Chow down at Chick-Fil-A

Willam: Chow down at Chick-Fil-A, don’t matter if you’re gay

Detox: Yeah. Doesn’t matter.

Willam: I said no mayonnaise. [bad word]!!!

Detox: God damn it.

Willam: Spicy fried chicken may burn

Oh I’ll sting-ring for days, but that chicken’s worth the pain

Detox: Yeah, yeah, yeah

Detox rap:

I see a rainbow and on the other side there was a bucket of Polynesian sauce for me to dip my nuggets in

Was it because I lived my life so gay I should not eat Chick-Fil-A – I’m gonna eat it anyway

(Vicky: Yes)

They say his promise is true

But what if you are a Jew? They need a kosher meal too, to bring their life to a new

(Vicky: What?)

Closed on Sundays too, it’s awful, now there’s tears in my eyes, no more waffle fries

(Vicky: Aw, man)

My only bleeding hope is for the fags that can’t cope, with the fact that they hate gays but the food is so dope

The chicken to blame, like shootin’ candy in you own vein, what a shame you don’t enjoy the chicken broiled by flame

You’ll get fisted but to eat there is delicious, when I’ve got an appetite – I ain’t got no pride

We queens are bottomless pits, forever in the drive thru. Honey mustard on my [female body part], all for me and none for you

Someday somebody’s gonna make you gobble up a waffle fry

But no, go, don’t you know Chick-Fil-A say you make the baby Jesus cry

(Vicky: No one cares.)

Dudes with boobs, gay for pay, even dykes say – YAY!

So chow down at Chick-Fil-A, chicken chow down, chicken chow down

Detox: I gonna eat up all this s***. That’s mine, that’s mine too.

Chicken chow down, baby!

Vicky: You don’t want to pass that sauce, girl.

Put it in your mouth!

Don’t matter if you’re gay, just chow down at Chick-Fil-A

Vicky: Bible thumpin’ b*****s!

Chicken chow down!

Vicky: You’re awful. I’ve had it!

* Thanks to Celebridyke.

Related/follow-up post: What drag queens taught this straight Christian guy.

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  • Patricia L. Money via Facebook


  • Somebody needs to draw those cute little cows painting “God Hates Fags” on a billboard. Then maybe everyone would see the quiet truth behind this story.

  • Ogrebeast SixtyFour via Facebook

    LMFAO!!! Now that’s funny!

  • Barbara Rice

    And all this time I thought it was pronounced Chick-Fill-Ah. Now I know it’s Chick-Fill-AYYYY! Thanks, gals!

  • Whoa! What a strange intersection of parts of my world! Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race showing up on John Shore’s blog. I love it! 😀

  • ever hear of a cash mob? it’s like a flash mob, but people pick a business and go spend cash…… what if there was a gay chick-fil-a cash mob day……

  • Loved it! HAd to share it as well. :o) THANKS!

  • David Beausoleil via Facebook

    Dear Lord this is sooo funny!!

  • Triple Like – OK – that’s totally hysterical.

  • Carol, Ask and ye shall receive. It’s the best I could do quickly, so it’s not perfect.

  • Al

    TeeHee! Now that was funny! Thanks for showing the lighter side of this otherwise ridiculous story.

  • Melissa Mosher via Facebook

    I have laughed hysterically at this every time I have seen it.

  • Nicole

    Whoa. Good job.

  • oh, made my day…too funny…

  • LMAO just <3

  • ~Sil in Corea

    Good for them! Gotta love Gay Chick-fil-lay!

  • Jeanne Morrison via Facebook

    oh my, all my friends would ban me if i shared that.

  • Hanna Moy

    Stunned by normalcy might happen. Then again, queers can be pretty different from Christians if the Christians were pretty sheltered and had a heterosexist upbringing, so some clash might happen as well. I can’t lie, sometimes I hate the emphasis on “I’m a lesbian (or whatever) but I’m just like you, I promise!”. I just want to be my own different self and be part of queering our culture, not submitting to its roles and conformist requirements.

    But I know you’re not trying to push conformity on us John, and that this video is about making a space where it’s ok to not have to do that 🙂 Thanks for posting it. I love this vid.

  • Jennifer

    That was great!

  • Carol VanderNat

    I’m speechless….but that tune is going to be in my head for the rest of the day now……kudos!!!!

  • so funny. Very talented ‘ladies.’

  • David W. Reynolds via Facebook

    If Jesus opened up a Whataburger, for instance, do you think he’d encourage or discourage anyone to eat there based on their personal beliefs? No? I didn’t think so either. That would be wrong. Hmm.

  • Mary Wisner Miller via Facebook


  • Lymis

    Well, let’s be honest that some of the Christians who live their entire lives immersed in the Christian Culture don’t quite fit the usual definition of “normal” either.

    Let’s not pretend that Evangelical Christianity constitutes the cultural baseline against which everyone else gets judged. I’m not claiming drag queens do either, but seriously.

  • Grant

    Raw language? Overt sexuality? Guffaw. Guffaw. Guffaw. Such is humanity. Let’s not pretend we don’t live in a time and place where there is indeed raw language and overt sexuality.

    Loved the video. Absolutely loved the video. And a wonderful response to the crazy restaurant chain owner!

  • James Glines via Facebook

    next in the news PETA bocots Taco Bell for serving hamburge in pita pockets and they are mad it sounds like PETA….when will it end…voting with our pocketbooks based on party or prejudice….if you keep going down this road of ethics you realize the majority of all things American are offensive, abusive to foreign workers to get cheap gas, clothes, food and so on.

  • Mindy

    James, why on earth would we NOT “vote with our pocketbooks” in a society based on capitalism? I try not to buy anything made in sweatshops. I try to buy locally first. I don’t spend my hard-earned money anywhere I don’t agree with. I don’t step inside Wal-Mart. And even though I’ve never eaten at Chick-Fil-A, I sure as heck wouldn’t start now, knowing what I know. If I need fried chicken fast, I’ve got lots of other alternatives, none of which have publicly expressed their corporate bigotry. Isn’t that what we do here?

  • I laughed so hard I cried. Awesome!

  • Ashley

    You know I really ought to sue those gals for making me laugh so dang hard I just about choked to death! This was hysterical! 😀

  • Nomg!! So glad you posted this YouTube clip. Pure genius.

  • Rebecca Harrison via Facebook

    Too funny! Love this!

  • David, you’ve entirely missed the point. This isn’t simply boycotting a business “based on their personal beliefs”. It’s not like somebody said “I think the rich are too highly taxed” and people are calling a boycott. This is instead the institutional support for the denial of civil rights to people based on sexuality alone. Would you frequent a business who’s owner publicly stated that blacks are inferior to whites? I didn’t think so.

  • Dave Bowling

    John: Thanks so much for sharing this! You made my day! It has been a struggle for me to try to understand this situation (CFA is one of my primary business clients) and this just made me feel like it is not my problem and to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

  • What???

  • If by “just like you” you mean that LBGTQ people are as diverse as straight, then I don’t see the problem. Besides, not all LBGTQ people are interested in “queering culture”. Some just happen to be (as close as anyone gets to) normal. Why should they face any more pressure to be someone they’re not than anyone else? And, btw, the “queer” and “Christian” circles in a Venn diagram overlap.

  • Aliyah Aldridge via Facebook

    Meh. Strong language & overt sexuality are standard drag queen fare. Anyone offended by that stuff is probably going to be offended by the very existence of a drag queen anyway.

    The video is funny, but not to be taken seriously. The idea of saying essentially “Oh, you hate me. Well I’m going to give you my money so that you can fund groups that lobby the government to deny me civil rights whether you like it or not!” would have to be the stupidest form of protest ever. Cathy never said he was opposed to gay dollars – just gay human rights.

    Also – somewhat off topic – am I the only person who actually hates Chick fil A for the food? What is so great about the waffle fries? They’re the same skinny ass fast food fries you get everywhere else – they just have a different shape and never enough salt. And the chicken is just a standard fried chicken breast marinated in a bland Italian dressing – they don’t even use something good with a hint of citrus or spice. Ever try chicken marinated in Texas Pete hot sauce? Now *that’s* a marinade. The biscuits aren’t bad I guess – I’ve had better – but everything else on the menu is unremarkable at best. I mean, it beats McNasty’s, but there are much better places to get a chicken sandwich.

  • Ric Booth

    Awesome. Tears… We so deserve this.

  • I didn’t say offended; I said, “at least some degree uncomfortable.” (And, for what it’s worth, I’ve never eaten at Chick-fil-A. Though they have just started building one near my house.)

  • Hysterical.

  • Aliyah Aldridge

    @John – it’s middling fast food fare. It’s better than the skeeziest burger joints, but as a southerner, I’m more than “at least some degree uncomfortable” with the pretense that the crap they serve is good fried chicken.

    It’s marinated in Italian dressing – and not even particularly good Italian dressing. If you eat at a good one, the chicken is moist, but still bland to someone who has had the real thing. If you eat at a bad one, the bun is dry & crusty & the chicken is greasy. For fast food fried chicken, I’ll take Popeye’s over Hate fil A any day.

    That being said, if you think the stuff at CFA is good, you just haven’t had the real thing, You need to find the nearest southern grandmother and have her cook you up a batch of the good stuff with some biscuits & gravy and all the trimmings. You’ll gain 5-10lb, but it’ll be worth every blissful calorie.

  • Aliyah Aldridge

    And yes, in the last paragraph I’m using “you” in the broad general sense – not the “you, John Shore” sense. 🙂

  • I hear you, AA. My mom was from Virginia, and in the kitchen took seriously that heritage. I’m just now wondering if over the years I’ve in my mind come to exaggerate the taste of her fried chicken. I’m guessing I haven’t.

  • Matt

    OMG hilarious! XD

  • brotherdoc

    Sent out to a bunch of friends! And it’s already been seen 1.7 million times on YouTube so if I hadn’t seen it until it showed up on your site, John, that’s just cuz I don’t get around enough in in these circles!

  • Aliyah Aldridge

    If you’re ever in Atlanta, stop by Mary Mac’s Tea Room. It’s worth braving the traffic on Ponce. I didn’t try the fried chicken there – I had the chicken & dumplings – but it’s the best southern food I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

  • Susan in NY

    Very funny. Great video. Thanks for sharing, John.

  • good to hear from you, Susan in NY.

  • Allie

    Their breakfast is pretty good for a fast food breakfast, which my husband craves sometimes. And they are nice enough to give me a grilled chicken salad at breakfast so I don’t have to eat the other stuff. That’s mainly why I’ve eaten there in the past.

    They really are NICE people, which is why it upsets me that they take this stance. Nice people should be on the right side.

    John, thanks for posting the video, both of us got a belly laugh out of it.

  • Allie

    We should trade chicken recipes in protest!

    Memphis has Gus’s World Famous, which is real good old kitchen style chicken. As far as cooking it at home goes, I positively hate frying chicken. In fact I hate frying, period, the smell of grease gets everywhere. So instead I do what my grandma used to and roast chicken in a pan with Wicker’s BBQ sauce. Plus cucumber sandwiches and fresh out of the garden tomatoes.

  • FishFinger

    Okay, THAT’S hilarious.

    Four minutes is a little too long or an internet video, though.

  • Gordon

    Ditto! And the pics on the wall are priceless.

  • FishFinger


  • Diana A.

    Ooh! Liking this!

  • I am not a fan of the food myself Aliyah. I don’t think the breading is crispy enough, leaving a bit of a gummy texture and the biscuits are half par. The fries are ok, if you add lots of salt and ketchup. I do like the seasonal shakes, which I might as well pour right onto my hips, to save time digesting.

    When I used to work at the mall, it was one of the better mall food options, which just shows how awful mall food choices can be.

    There are a wealth of places where better chicken is to be had. Just about any little mom and pop eatery here in my neck of the south can serve chicken in a variety of super delicious ways. Southern women all over the place can fry the hell out of a chicken, and the men make damned good pork BBQ. There is a lady, where I used to attend church, a retired school lunch lady, who’s chicken and dumplings were the best I ever ate. I offered to pay for her secret recipe. She turned me down flat. My late step-mom who was from Pittsburgh could fry chicken that would make, as my dad put it “puppies sit up and beg”. She never could make a decent biscuit. That was my job.

    I can’t fry chicken if my life depended on it.

    AND, the video was AWESOME! I do love great parody.

  • I’m still stuck at trying to imagine Jesus opening a Whataburger….and ran down this happy rabbit trail imagining Jesus….

    Having fire people, usually teenagers who work for minimum wage,who decided to blow off manning the deep fryer cause they had a math final, or a date, or they wanted to play video games.

    Dealing with angry customers because the kid working at the drive thru couldn’t understand an order and gave the person two super combos instead of one and an extra coke.

    Having deal with the day to day operations, putting in extra hours because your general manager just had an emergency appendectomy. Fretting the fact that the health inspector walked in the door three minutes after the toilet in the men’s bathroom overflowed.

    Somehow I just can’t put Jesus in that position.

  • Allie

    You have a hard time imagining Jesus managing a fast food joint, really? ‘Cause I know at least two catering-related crises that Jesus handled beautifully in the Bible. Wedding at Cana, loaves and fishes… if the dude could handle those, he could probably unplug a toilet without breaking a sweat. And top it off with a pithy aphorism.

  • Michael C

    John! The disco ball / lightbulb metaphor is one of the geniusest things I’ve heard. I think you’ve made a friend of every drag queen ever with that one.

    p.s. Thank you for providing the transcript for the video. My work computer runs on Windows ME (yeah, you read that right, ME as in Millennium Edition! I’m, like, totally from the future) and youtube kills it every time.

  • Elizabeth

    Ha ha ha! Show me that Venn diagram, Christine.

  • [Fundy troll (“Amber”/”John,” etc)]

    [Hi, guys. It’s me, John Shore. I’ve deleted the comments left by “John” (and also replaced his/her name-for-the-day with what you see here). Today’s “John” is the same person who yesterday was using the name “Amber”: yet another proud, morally upright Christian who uses spammer’s software to constantly change their IP address and loves nothing so much as changing their online identity in order to continue flaming and trolling people’s blogs. Can’t you just feel the pleasure Jesus takes in such people?

    Insofar as all cockroaches behave the same, we can be assured that this person will keep changing IP addresses and identities, and keep posting. Ignore him/her if you can. Thanks! Hope you guys are well.]

  • Allie

    I pray you find a better heart within yourself. Jesus embraced the oppressed, he didn’t join in oppressing them. When you do something that the hateful part of yourself finds fun, like posting a troll post on this forum, that’s exactly the opposite of what Jesus came for and you’re driving nails into the cross.

  • [Fundy troll (“Amber”/”John,” etc)]

    [Fundie troll-babble deleted]

  • Dawn M. Parker via Facebook

    THis was hysterical. Love the creativity behind this. 🙂

  • Jill

    Is this ‘the problem’s too big, so we might as well not even try’ fatalism? If that’s how you feel, I’m sorry to hear that.

    A healthy dose of cynicism is not only understandable, but wise considering the Greed is Good/God culture around us. But we cannot allow defeatism to dictate our choices, or we become numb to mercy, compassion, even grace.

    No, we cannot snap our fingers and ‘fix’ it all, we are not gods. Yet we were made to be powerful, and we can all do something. We each need to find what that something is we can do, and do it with all our might.

  • Jim Farris via Facebook

    I’m sure Jesus had/has a great sense of humor. He’d have to.

  • Allie

    Yes, preventing people from marrying is oppression. Imagine living with and loving someone for a lifetime, and then when they die, not being allowed to attend their funeral because you have no legal right to anything to do with them.

    Most Fundamentalist Christians believe many kinds of people are going to hell. For example, most would agree that belonging to a religion other than Christianity will send you to hell. Yet they are not trying to outlaw Muslims getting married, in the belief that allowing them to get married is the same as sanctioning their religion. Only gay people are being singled out and deprived of rights. Why is that?

  • [Fundy troll (“Amber”/”John,” etc)]

    [Fundie troll-babble deleted]

  • John (not McCain)

    Be sure to post how much you raise. I’ll be doubling that amount to give to Planned Parenthood and specify it can ONLY be used for abortions. If you’re too much of a coward to post, I’ll go ahead and give them $1,000.


  • [Fundy troll (“Amber”/”John,” etc)]

    [Fundie troll-babble deleted]

  • Oz in OK

    Bwah-ha-haaaaaa! John (not McCain) that is awesome!

  • Hmmm. Considering the number of people commenting on this topic showing they are not in favor of the stands made by the chicken place’s owner, I suspect, John, that you just may go broke. And what purpose is that going to serve, if you spend all your cash buying high calorie fast food as an odd sort of protest only to discover you spent your rent money?

    Makes no sense to me. But then it’s your money, spend it all if you wish, and happy posting everyone.

  • [Fundy troll (“Amber”/”John,” etc)]

    [Fundie troll-babble deleted]

  • so you are a billionaire?? Those sandwiches are about $2.75 a piece, minus drink and fries. Glad you got the funds.

    You better start ordering up now, because those poor teenagers working the deep fryers gotta earn their minimum wage placing that massive order.

  • Oz in OK

    “…but that’s not good enough it seems.”

    Nope. ‘Settling’ for something ‘less than’ full marriage equality is definitely not good enough. When you’re willing to trade in your marriage license (or the ability to get one) for a Civil Union, then we can talk.

  • [Fundy troll (“Amber”/”John,” etc)]

    [Fundie troll-babble deleted]

  • [Fundy troll (Amber/John, etc)]

    [Fundie troll-babble deleted]

  • JoesMama

    Definitely NSFW, but good God, that was funny!

  • Anne

    Okay, slightly off topic here but since I’m the GENIUS who thought to send the link to John, I feel sort-of entitled.

    My boss’ wife knows I am a liberal and a rabid supporter of LGBT rights, including the right to marry. She just showed up at my office with a diet lemonade from Chick-Fil-A. WTF?!!

    I won’t be drinking the lemonade, suffice to say. But I’m kind of in shock and don’t know what (if anything) to say. She will be super offended at even the hint that I’m anything other than grateful.

  • Anne! You rock for pointing me towards that video. I totally apologize for not in the post itself giving you credit for that, but doing that takes a bit of back-and-forth (getting you’re okay for that, finding out if and toward what you might want your name linked), and by the time I’d dealt with making sure all the lyrics were right (which took forever), I’d run out of all available time. Anyway, sorry again. Great job! I appreciate you thinking of me on that.

    (Sorry about your boss’s wife. That sounds extremely inappropriate, to say the least.)

  • She’s just rubbing your face in it. You know, like Jesus would do.

  • Not a joke. I’ve met the intersection. Christians who identify as “queer”. It isn’t as strange or unusual as you might think.

  • Allie

    I apologize for feeding the troll, John. They really do take the cake.

  • I suspected a troll, but my snark-o-meter took over. This billy goat gruff needs to stick to grass, or pb and banana sandwiches, which I had for lunch.

  • Allie

    Report from Memphis: it’s very hot and humid and protesting in the open air on Aug 1 is young people’s work. But I did hand out things and talk to people in cars. I had to walk basically two blocks to get there – this chick-fil-a is in the middle of what used to be a Super K-mart parking lot, with open space all around, and the whole area was full. They had barricades to keep people from driving through the drive through area which were new and looked like a temporary security measure. I got the feeling they were afraid someone would run over their customers in protest.

    I went with the numbers 1 John 4:20 – if you do not love your brother, whom you have seen, how can you love God, whom you have not seen? Plus a message saying God loves all kinds of people.

    I am kind of a flop as a protester unless I can get some more stamina for this heat. But at least I was there during lunch rush.

  • Anne

    I actually wasn’t seeking public accolades but had to put in the preface to my mini-rant. I’m just glad so many people are getting to see and share.

  • Diana A.

    I’d never heard the term “Venn diagram” until you used it (yeah, I know. Call me sheltered!), so I just looked it up. Maybe Elizabeth hadn’t heard the term either.

    As for the intersection itself, I’ve been encountering that at my church since the year 2000 (when I went back to church.) It was probably there in my childhood church as well, but I wasn’t aware of it back then.

  • Hanna Moy

    Sure, that’s true as well, and didn’t mean to imply differently 🙂

    Queer and Christian certainly overlap in some people.

    And LGBTQ people are often happy to be “normal”, whatever that means.

    Maybe it’s just because I’m from the South that I feel like there’s this bias for a working dad, stay at home mom, 2.5 kids in a heterosexual monogamous nuclear family with the institution of marriage, and all kinds of other cultural norms that are linked to that kind of context. That’s what I meant by “normal”. It’s great if LGBTQ people fit that norm because it makes them happy. But it’s not the only way to live. And I was just pointing out that LGBTQ people have a great history of questioning that kind of life, and wondering if another one might be more authentic, or fun, or liberating.

    I’m not trying to pressure LGBTQ people to try to be subversive, I’m just saying that being “normal” shouldn’t be seen as a positive thing that makes queer identity more acceptable. It should be accepted, regardless of whether it’s perceived as ‘normal’ or not.

    I’m pretty average, Christian, lesbian, monogamous, and I even dress mainstream. But a lot of my most beloved friends are very different, and I always worry when anyone says “gay people are just normal”. A lot of BDSM culture is deeply queer, for example. Look at pride, too – I’m just saying, not all Christians get freaked out by their norms being questioned, and not all Christians embrace those kinds of norms, but some Christians who are raised very religious will be disturbed by Pride, for example. Look at a million things on the fringes of society that are embraced by the queer community. That kind of creativity is also part of being queer. So is, often, a rejection of traditional gender identity and social roles, especially within the Trans* community. I’m not trying to attack anyone, just saying that “normal” being used to reassure Christians that they should accept LGBTQ people made me a bit nervous. LGBTQ people should be accepted, full stop, even if they aren’t seen as ‘normal’.

    That was my point…it wasn’t meant to pressure or attack anyone 🙂

  • Hanna Moy

    I didn’t mean to say that Evangelical Christianity is the cultural norm for all of society. I was speaking specifically about the interactions between Evangelicals and LGBTQ people. Since I was raised Evangelical and am a lesbian, I felt comfortable talking about what happens when the two meet, since I have been caught in the crossfire and pulled in both directions my whole life…but I wasn’t trying to speak about culture as a whole.

    I’ll try to be more clear next time 🙂

  • Hanna Moy

    But I agree, not all LGBTQ people are interested in ‘queering culture’. I just thought talking about queering culture was particularly appropriate for this specific video.

  • Diana A.

    Thank you John Shore! It’s good to know that you’re on patrol!

  • Diana A.

    You did good. Being there during the lunch rush is a good thing.

  • Diana A.


  • mike moore

    I think you’re a great protester. Sometimes it only takes one person, and there you were!

  • Jill

    Allie, thanks for sharing and thanks for being someone who stands, not so much against what is wrong, but up for what is right.

  • not as brave as drag queens

    I wish I had the same courage as drag queens.

    Once, on the occasion of two (straight) friends getting married, we threw them a “Marriage is a Drag” shower. Cross-dressing was encouraged but not required, as this was finally a chance for many women to pull out and wear, again, the ugliest of real bridesmaid dresses.

    However, the groom found a 60’s macrame’ wedding dress he had to have, so my partner and I were chosen to attend him as his evil bridesmaids.

    Immodestly, I will say I’ve shown real bravery on several occasions in my life. But it wasn’t until I marched into the Nordstrom’s changing room with pink taffeta party dresses thrown over my arm that I learned what is real courage.

    So, here’s to the drag queens!!! From Stonewall to chicken, they know what bravery is, and they manage to do it with big hair.

  • Jill

    ahahahahahaaha Christine! Yeah, the mean-spirited, bigoted, partisan person Jesus was, he’d be all up in that. Havin’ a self-righteous, superior lemonade AND drinking it too.

  • Jill

    Hatespeech is the last bastion of the bitterly decaying obsolete after all, a hallmark of the angry march toward oblivion. Gotta go down kicking and screaming I guess.

  • mike moore

    really Ed, take the stick out of your ass.

    what is inappropriate is spending $25,000 to lobby the US Congress so that it would NOT publicly condemn Uganda’s “Kill the Homosexuals” legislation, which is just one inspiring example of how the “Christians” at the Family Research Council spend the money given to them by the “Christians” over at Chick-Fil-A.

    Chick is lucky we’re not f*cking on their service counters and dining tables, which would be, really, when one thinks about it, an entirely appropriate response … because Chick’s problem with gays really comes down to whom we’re f*cking, doesn’t it?

  • mike moore

    looks like Ed disappeared … never mind.

  • Ummm. OK. Kudos for amusing and creative. Beyond that, whatever. I’m gay but I simply can’t relate to drag. I don’t understand it and frankly, not inclined to even try. Strikes me as essentially F…d up and very declasse. As a gay man, I want a MAN, not a woman, and especially not a cheap looking facsimile that would look more appropriate on the street in a trashy section of town. I am reminded of an occasion I had to visit a gay club in Milwaukee. There were hundreds of handsome young men in a standing room only crowd…..all seemingly mezmerized by a seriously trashy looking drag entertainer on the stage (most, honestly, can’t pull it off) and paying no attention to each other. I thought, WTF?!! Some people think it’s fun and I guess they can be at times, but from a practical standpoint, it’s a political liability. Should I lighten up? At what price dignity?

    The foul language really IS unnecessary but I guess it comes with the “FU” attitude that motivates drag in the first place. I am very critical of anti-gay attitudes and have been an activist newspaper gay issues writer for years, but I don’t carry around an FU attitude myself. It strikes me as an unnecessary burden. Maybe that’s why I can’t relate. I don’t feel like I have to live with my finger raised.

  • Anne

    How many more times can somebody make my day? But you just did. Hahaha.

  • DR

    It’s mortifying to think that the thousands of people who are reading this site are actually watching a “Christian” who’s been banned not be able to muster the maturity and self-control required not to obsess about this tiny little corner of the internet.

    I’m beginning to feel so sorry for this person, this has to be a substantial mental illness that’s driving this kind of behavior.

  • No, I didn’t think you were looking for accolades, or anything like that. I really DID want to thank you in the post for directing me to the video. That’s something I usually do, since, you know … it’s the right thing to do. You’ve been very gracious.

  • Here’s the weirdness. The person we’re dealing with here sent me an email about a half-hour ago. The whole thing was:

    your blog cannot stand under the weight of even one dissenting comment, can it? no matter who makes it, youre gonna delete it–no matter how respectfully offered. But I notice you stand by approving when Melody calls people assholes bitches, fuckers and the like. lol

    I wrote back:

    It’s got nothing to do with what you say; it’s how you say it. Be respectful and I promise I’ll keep your comments. Be sarcastic and snarky, and I promise I won’t. (And you have no idea what I may or may not have written on the side to Melody or anyone else, same as I’m writing you.)

    I’m serious: put in the time it takes to say something in a way that’s respectful, and I’ll keep you on. I wish someone WOULD give the conservative opinion in a way that doesn’t make them look like complete dinks. In a great many ways I promise you I’m as old-school Bible-belt as you. I’d LOVE you to say what you want to say in such a way that I could leave it.

    Right? I thought to thusly be as encouraging as I could be.

    So, but guess what? My email bounced back to me as undeliverable. They’d contacted me using a fake email address.

  • Oh, Soul. Stop being such a drag.

    DRAG???!! DRAG???!! Didya get it? Didya? Didya get the joke I made right there?

    Can you BELIEVE some people think I’m not funny at all???? What morons.

  • This is why I’ve never been into boycotts. (I’m not into support rallies becuase I’m shy), but the boycotts thing? Yeah, whatever you give your money to, or where it comes from… probably is to people you aren’t going to like who say things you don’t like, or it’s all from a place you don’t like.

    My most recent job I had, for example (until I lost it, I’m still in mourning becuase I loved that job)… I found out that the rich people who were employing me to take care of their horses were rich on patents they had with the military. Even though they’re retired now, they were making risidual scientist’s-money from death machines and that trickled down (mimimum-wage style) to me for cleaning up horse poop. I dismissed it on the grounds that I needed grocery money and taking care of horses is hardly contributing to death-machines, even if I may be indirectly scavenging from their existance as I get a sick feeling whenever I think about war… (ironic, perhaps in that I did try to join the military at some point in my life… didn’ t quite make it…)

    But, you see, taking care of horses is hardly contributing *to* something I do not believe in. Nor is buying something somewhere that has a CEO that believes in ideals I find abhorrent, or even seeing a movie where part of my ticket-price may or may not be going to some actor’s hookers. The reason people are upset with Chick-fil-A isn’t so much that they’ve forgotten that we live in a very gray-painted world, but because they’ve just found out that a few cents of every dollar they spend getting lunch goes directly to places whose *sole mission* is to lie about people and deny their civil rights. Some people who don’t give a rip what a CEO does with his private funs don’t want even one cent of their money, officially, company-line, going to places that are solely dedicated to be what they feel/know to be a hate-club.

    Oh, Lord, I just had a really unplesant flasback to my teen-young-adult-days vacationing in the mountains of Arizona with my family. We were recommended a place that served really good burgers and on that recommendation, ate there a few times… a place called “Katy’s Kountry Kitchen.” Innocent and dumb, perhaps, we didn’t really think anything of cutesy letters, or even the military surplus-store that was attatched to the place. We were Arizonans… people into survialist-crap wasn’t foreign to us. Then I had someone point out to me “KKK.” Horrified, I told my parents “I’m not eating there ever again.”

    Now, it would be pretty difficult to do so as I no longer live in the state and I think the resturant doesn’t exist anymore… but, seriously… I was there for the burgers and completely *unaware* until someone pointed out things to me. It was an “Oh shit!” moment.

    Oh, God, why do supressed memories find me when I’m commenting on this blog? I need a hug…

    Anyway, knowing something like that, would you eat at a place like that?

  • “And verily, I say unto you, the poo always rides to the top…”

  • mike moore

    I think you’re misunderstanding drag queens and should lighten up.

    The drag queens I’ve known (the infamous Anita Fixx, the heroin-addicted super model, used to cut my hair) are first and foremost attracted to the glitter and the gowns and the hair. (The Hair is Sacred.)

    The FU attitude is the armor they use to shield themselves from a vicious and hostile community. A reaction to bullying that many of these guys have endured since long before they stepped into their first pair of 6″ stilettos.

    As for wanting “a MAN” … some people like a man in uniform, some like a man in Dockers (now there is something I really don’t understand), others go for a man in suit or a man in leather. Tattoos. Piercings. Maybe it’s ball caps, Levi’s and white tees that do it for you. And then some like a guy in a dress. Someone for everyone, right?

    However, your “political liability” comment is way out of line.

    You say you are “an activist newspaper gay issues writer,” so I shouldn’t have to school you. From a “practical standpoint,” let’s remember that it wasn’t your kind of man that stood up to the police at Stonewall, but a bunch of drag queens. And it wasn’t financial district suits that blockaded the FDA and shut down the Golden Gate Bridge to change the way FDA was vetting drugs during the early years of the AIDS crisis.

    My question: where do you draw the line at who is or is not a political liability? Drag queens? Too many tattoos? Pink cashmere draped around some preppy’s shoulders? Guys with a lisp?

    Some of us have the good fortune to walk through life without constantly flipping the bird. For others, it is either FU or be crushed by the world.

  • Oz in OK

    *applauds* Bravo Mike Moore!

  • Jill

    Ah the patience of a saint you have Mr. Shore.

    Could that be a topic for a blog (if it hasn’t already been done– still reading many prior posts)??? An invitation for the conservative opinion to express opposing views in a loving and honorable manner? I think this is very possible but under-represented.

    I’m learning, but truly I don’t understand the need to make anyone, any group inherently ‘bad’ or marginalized. Why is that such an important part of this ongoing discussion? Maybe I’m asking the wrong question?

  • Diana A.

    I totally agree.

  • Melody

    Ha, that’s funny. If they paid attention to anything on this blog, they’d know that most of what I write doesn’t include that, and that I’m definitely not the only one who writes those things. I guess it’s easier to single out one person as the bad guy. Oh well. Whiners will be whiners. Thanks for having me, John.

  • Carol VanderNat

    Yay for you!!!!! There are no rules for protesting…you saw a wrong and stood up to fight it….bless you! You are definitely NOT a flop!

  • Carol VanderNat

    go…Troll Master!

  • Jay

    So if you are not married to someone, you can not attend their funeral?

  • Yes, I’m sure that’s what she meant, Jay. Good job.

  • Matt

    Or maybe Soul, you’d prefer a man like me, who has to buy his “equipment” and bind his breasts? Who lives for the moment when a salesperson calls him “sir?” Who daydreams about the day he finally goes on testosterone and his voice finally drops? Who is considered a butch lesbian by those who don’t know him, too ugly to be a proper woman and too dainty to be a proper man?

    Until you know what drag queens, trans men, and trans women go through (you know, those of us that are almost always forgotten by the mainstream LGBs), you can’t talk about “political liabilities.”

  • You don’t have to “school”me. I have a personal library longer than twice my arm span on gay issues and probably an informal Masters in my head on the subject. Your condescension rolls right over me.

    That said, you are correct about everything you say…..except your references to me. I am very aware of the “bravery” of the drag queens and their role in the beginnings of the gay rights movement. Two of my books are STONEWALL by Martin Duberman and MAKING HISTORY by Eric Marcus. I contend, however, that if as many “suits” as drag queens did the same we’d probably be a lot further along in our equality. The drag queens did what they did by sheer force and noise, NOT political persuasion. They got public attention. It’s what they do and I’ll give them that. So did ACT UP who got better political attention and mostly NOT in drag (tho they did some things I wouldn’t approve of, like blood on alters). In your face drag (or bareassed leather for that matter) is not the kind of behavior that engenders respect among the general public and very likely never will. Tolerance perhaps, and barely that. Who could deny that with any sense of intellectual integrity? That they get respect from their apologists gay and str8 alike means nothing politically because it’s a politically (small p) insignificant number. The drag queens have my respect for getting things started and their occasional public, non-finger raised protests but, politically speaking, they have no role now except their entertainment value and that mostly within the gay community. They aren’t “brave” so much as they just have a lot less to lose in the way of professional jobs or financial success.

    Now, before you jump on that, I am also quite aware that you will be very able to point out some drag queens with money and great professional jobs. Ru Paul comes to mind, but we all know they are a small minority of that demo if only because they can’t GET those kind of jobs. I needn’t point out why.

    So granted, they have been oppressed and deserve to feel the deep rage that leads to their behavior. But why can’t they express that rage in an imagery that would not put off the general public? Hello?!?! Political reality anyone? Where are the in-your-face dockers and polo shirts? THAT is what would truly shock the public. Politically, the opinions of drag aficionados are readily dismissed, but more conservative attire gets the attention that counts. My point is that that would go a lot further toward getting str8 people to listening to and respecting what you have to say. How can anyone deny that? As a community, what are we trying to do, after all, change public perceptions of us, or promote the erroneous stereotypes and provide ammo to the religious right?

    As for wanting a “man”……yes, to each his own, but if I wanted a woman (never mind a caricature of one) I would have stayed married.

  • Oh John!! I got it and I think you’re very funny. Often hilarious. You have a way of nailing truth with uproariously, hootable style. Yours is the first, and often only blog I come to.

  • That’s a whole nother issue. Of course I can’t possibly know what you go thru and I do sympathize. I’m sure it’s agonizing. For the very reason that you “are almost always forgotten by the mainstream LGBs”, and the general public, I might add, you are NOT part of that political reality I speak of. In fact, you are probably MORE accepted among the general public because your behavior is NOT a finger to the public.

    So yes, I can talk about political liabilities in this context and I do not include you among them. I would hug you if I could and wish you well.

  • Oh Mike. Anita Fixx? You’re dating yourself. Of course, so am I by recognizing her. I wish you well, but we obviously have lived in different social circumstances.

  • Matt

    I’ll bet there are just as many straight men who have certain feminine inclinations. But if you’ve studied gay rights as closely as you say, you know that that’s just part of what social privilege grants: The ability to be taken seriously no matter what, to have a professional and personal life and not have them be sullied by one another.

    And to many of the general public, we (LGBT folks) are ALL a finger to them, just for existing. We don’t even have to do anything particularly shocking. It’s why my girlfriend doesn’t give out what her name was pre-transition; it changes people’s attitudes towards her. I’ve seen it happen.

    EVERYTHING is framed in terms of our sexuality/gender. Everything eventually comes around to “But they have SEX!” or “They’re REALLY just a man/woman!” So drag queens are taking that and saying, “Fine, you’re going to do it anyway. I’ll have some fun while I’m at it!”

    Bowing and scraping might get us short-term favor, but it will never afford us the right to be ourselves, which is what we’re really fighting for. If no one ever SEES a drag queen is who also a successful pediatrician because they have toned down who they are to be one or the other, it’ll never happen.

    I am a feminine trans guy who likes wearing dresses. I am also a future nurse. It may take some wrangling, a lot of time and patience, but I will not compromise on either of these things.

    Because there is nothing wrong with me. There is nothing wrong with ANY of us.

  • DR

    Not surprised. He/She does not want a dialogue, they want to have a conversation based on their specific expectations which look like including setting the sensibilities of your blog according to what their expectation of “fairness” is.

    There’ve been dozens of conservatives here who are an awesome part of the dialogue. Brian W comes to mind – what an amazing dude to stay in these conversations. I adore him he is one of my favorites.

    I suspect that for most of these people, they aren’t used to being accountable to the impact of their theology and/or good intentions. I don’t believe for a second that “Amber” wants to hurt gay men or women – I bet h/she doesn’t *want* to hate them. S/he’s a victim of a church that’s chosen to mire itself in this horrible delusion and also her own fear of having her identity wrapped up into being right.

    The obsession with the blog though – that’s getting creepy to watch someone so fixated on adding his/her point of view. I think it’s someone who is projecting a massive need for control who never got listened to when they were little. The obsession with being “heard” to the point of changing the names and IP addresses to me, speaks to a much deeper pain and brokenness that has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus at all and everything to do with someone who is absolutely desperate to have control.

  • *****The ability to be taken seriously no matter what…*****

    The reality is that there ARE people who cannot and indeed should not be taken seriously, some who really are just too preposterous or even dangerous, except for the influence they may have on others. I would not hold you among them. But someone like Michelle Bachman, now she’s preposterous AND dangerous. But she’s facing re-election so hopefully not much longer.

    I would not concede that a thoughtful consideration of political realities is the same as “bowing and scraping”. Living under that influence is a recipe for getting little or noting done politically.

  • vj

    Oooh, this is good! 🙂

    Sounds just like when siblings run out of argument and scream ‘I hate you’ at each other, before storming off and slamming the door….

  • vj

    I think ‘obsession’ is right. Having established that the other commenters are not agreement with one, why would one even WANT to continue to post? If they’re not willing to engage thoughtfully, with an open mind and a willingness to learn from others, why bother to even come here? There must be SO many other places on the internet where they could spew their stuff and get accolades for it….

  • Giggle! 🙂 Thank You John!

  • mike moore

    First, if you know or knew-of Anita Fixx***, then at some level we would probably really like each other. I haven’t seen him in 10 years and would love to know he’s doing OK. And, yeah, I’m 52yo.

    On the rest, we’ll have to agree to disagree. Your credentials roll over me in much the same way my condescension rolls over you, because I come to very different conclusions from much the of same information. Where I see bravery, you see entertainment value.

    Where you see dismissal of the message, I see millions of people laughing both at and with drag queens. Why was SNL’s drag Church Lady hilarious? Because we all knew a real life version of the Church Lady and could finally laugh at her the way we always thought we should. Drag queens and are doing the same thing, just at a local level.

    If gaining public respect is the end game, then you’re on the right track. But I don’t see gaining the respect of the general public as the LGBT community’s primary political goal. I believe our goal is equality, and to achieve that, we have to force this issue:

    “To the general public: All other things being equal, with whom I sleep is none of your f*cking business; if I want to wear a dress, it’s none of your f*cking business; whom I marry is none of your f*cking business, etc. If I cuss, it’s none of your f*cking business. No part of my life is any of your business. I am American, I try to live by the law, and so please remember to leave me alone and keep your big fat bigoted nose out of my life.”

    I believe the almost 60% of North Carolinians who just voted for Amendment One are bigoted idiots. They weren’t swayed by logical arguments coming from well-dressed commentators. I don’t desire the respect of these idiots. F*ck their respect, I only want equality, and we will never be graciously handed equality … we have to fight for and win it.

    I believe history has shown that every battle for civil rights, not just for the LGBT community, succeeds only with a full spectrum of activism. We need the extremists, we need the drag queens, we need the Harvey Milks and Vito Russos, we need the Larry Kramers, we need HRC, and, yes, mostly, we need regular ole nice guys in Dockers who live and work openly in their suburban neighborhoods. But when the Dockers’ guys and suits don’t step up, who is left to fill the gap?

    I have written this much because I’m astounded that someone as well-versed in gay history would talk about setting up erroneous stereotypes and giving ammo to religious right.

    Those who hate us were making up lies, creating stereotypes, and supplied themselves with plenty of ammo long before Stonewall. They were dragging us out of our homes and closets and imprisoning us long before any lesbian or gay got in the haters’ faces.

    Look at the old “arrest them and round them up” photos from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Those guys shielding their faces from the cameras weren’t drag queens, mostly, they were businessmen in suits and guys dressed in chinos and button-down shirts.

    You believe conservative attire will make the difference, whereas I know that, in the early days of the AIDS crisis, most everyone said shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge and other blockades/sit-ins were counter-productive and would create a back-lash with the general public. But it didn’t matter. Because what actually happened – like magic, we’re supposed to think? – was the FDA revised its protocols and now life-or-death drug trials for many illnesses are fast-tracked because of our work in the 80’s.

    We succeeded, again, only by “sheer noise and force.”

    Yours is the back-lash argument. I think history proves it wrong. I think history shows suits and clean-cut hair doesn’t buy you respect. It didn’t change Pete Wilson’s veto of AB101, it didn’t stop Clinton from signing DADT and DOMA. And it hasn’t stopped a barrage of anti-marriage referendums that have swept this country in the past decade.

    In your other post below, you say “we obviously have lived in different social circumstances.” I not sure what you mean by that or its relevance.

    Yes, I’ve hung out with drag queens. I was in Act Up and Queer nation. I’ve been friends with porn stars, rockers, and hardcore drug addicts. But I also built a business with 400 employees. While dressed well, I’ve told two Presidents to their faces (HW and Clinton,) while shaking their hands, that they should be ashamed for their treatment of the gay community.

    Activism happens on all levels. Long live drag queens and Tom Ford suits!!


    ***(for those of you going “huh?” google “The Battle for the Tiara” … a fund raiser for Aid for AIDS, it was the beauty pageant you’ve always wanted to see. Evil drag contestants with hilarious routines. Heroin-addicted super model Anita Fixx’s “talent” was walking the runway, quick-change outfits, all while managing to shoot-up. The next year, he was Kim Chee, a North Korean Air flight attendant/”escort” whose talent was failing a driving test, on-stage, Mr. Magoo-style. Maybe you had to be there, but it was briliant.)

  • Kate

    If the deceased person’s family is legally considered next of kin, is paying for the funeral, and doesn’t want to allow someone to attend, I’m pretty sure they have the “right” to prevent said person from being there. It breaks my heart to think of it happening.

  • Allie

    I don’t really get drag queens either. They seem to pick up on all the worst things about being a woman.

    But neither you nor I have to get everything for it to be just fine. I don’t get Tom Sellek either. One of the nifty things about gay people is that they come in all kinds and preferences, just like straight people.

  • Melody

    It’s called martyr syndrome. That way they can cry persecution, when in fact they’re the ones being self-righteous pricks. They love to misuse the verse about being persecuted for Jesus’ sake. Frank, in particular, loves doing that. “Hey, everybody hates me! Therefore I must be right. And it doesn’t have anything at all to do with me being a pompous dick!” Thank God they can be banned. I wish everyone would ban them.

  • Jay

    That is not the same thing.

  • Jay

    But perhaps the laws are different in your state.

  • Ed

    CNN reports pro lbgt vandalism of a chick fil a today

  • Oh, good. I see our Favorite Fundy Troll has found himself yet another IP address to use. yay.

  • catrenn

    Really? I will have to try it NEXT WEEK when I go pick up my son in Decatur. Are you and Gordon on FB?

  • Diana A.

    Actually, I saw that story too. Naturally the spin given to this by the anti-gay people is that all pro-LGBT are vandals. Grrrr!

  • Don Rappe

    Their motives may not be so surprising when I realize they are formed in a consciousness so badly dislocated from reality they feel that literal inerrancy is a possible way to interpret the Bible. This dislocation probably results from a great deal of personal pain involved in a realistic self assessment. In other words, it is appropriate to pity them,as well as censor.

  • Don Rappe

    I think proper grammer here calls for geniuseth.

  • Don Rappe

    Very pithy Shadsie, verily!

  • I didn’t doubt it was a real story. (hi, Diana!)

  • Drew Meyer

    HI there, this comment isn’t in response to nything….all I know is that I am a gay recovering fundamentalist. I ws so sad to see the lines…I am not bad or evil anymore than anyone else…I did not choose to be gay. Why do you have such animosity? (I won’t use the term hate, because it is not appropriate) I felt so isolated because of my situation….the I saw this video and I realized that I was having a fundy relapse and I needed to smile. This was so creative and actually made me laugh. I was thinking about all the first century outcasts that surrounded Jesus and I realized that I was drawn to Him through a intellectual, funny, and edgy drag queen video….once again God proves that He/She/It will do whatever it takes to keep me in His grasp.

    Thank you to the drag (and other) queens out there-you make life great!

  • Jill

    Drew, I just loved this comment. Lovelovelove it. If those that don’t know would realize just how true, how thoughtful your statement: ‘I am not bad or evil anymore than anyone else’ because of orientation, this whole ugly argument would end! It would end!

    My heart was moved by reading this, especially that line. And I’m a mere mortal. I just want to send a virtual <<>> to you. I hope you can feel a little less alone.

  • Jill

    the missing key word was ‘hug’–sending out a hug for your awesome comment.

  • Fred

    Almost makes the Chick-fil-A blowup worth it! Reading the lyrics had me saying to myself, Did they really say that? I’m forwarding your link all around. Thanks for posting.

  • Michael Rowe

    The fact that you were in a gay club in MILWAUKEE of all places and you were still the one sneaking around on the outside while “hundreds of handsome young men …all seemingly mesmerized by a seriously trashy looking drag entertainer on stage” (they weren’t “seemingly” mesmerized, btw, the actually were mesmerized) suggests that you might want to loosen up a bit and join the party instead of being such a Debbie Downer. It’s a known fact that comfort with drag is a barometer of how comfortable a gay man is with his masculinity. The secure ones aren’t bothered by it, whereas the ones who bleat about how gosh darn TRASHY it all is are usually the ones for whom the ersatz femininity of drag strikes too close to home. Lighten up, gurl. Why so serious?

  • Oz in OK

    And the guy who did the vandalizing has stepped forward and apologized. Too bad all those anti-LGBT vandals don’t, eh?

  • Ed

    A post this mine earns blocking?? perhaps youre confusing me with someone else

  • Ed

    your highlighted comment re: my email couldnt be more deserving of the label ‘pot kettle’. Read any of your anti-conservative posts. Youre the master of sarcasm and that includes your comments.

  • Mindy

    Ed, do you understand IP addresses? John knows who you are, no matter what you change your screen name to. You’ve been here under other names – even if we readers can’t tell right off, John can.

    So you can lose the canned ::::gasp::: “What ever did I do???” He knows.

  • n.

    We ate white supremacist barbecue once. Because my nonwhite husband is crazy for barbecue and he insisted, out of curiosity. It wasn’t even GOOD.

    Also i would send you a hug.

  • n.

    Yeah, can i be part of the *odding* of our culture? I’m trying my best.

  • n.

    I met a gay couple in NC becos they adopted a young friend of mine and her little brother… and i swear they were more southern than gay. If you were to %ify their cultural elements, which i know is kind of artificial….

  • Johnny Carson

    @Soulmentor, The first time I seen a drag queen the first time at a gay club, (funny enough with someone my aunt was “dating” and he, (yes he) was more feminine than the one’s in those boots made for walking. I TOTALLY didn’t understand what I was seeing. Then I did drag the following Halloween, being a (well to be blunt) a fat, shy, gay 18yr old kid my view changed. NOT because I wanted to be a girl, but because it brought me out of my shell, I (without the risk of sounding high-n-mighty at least trying not to.) Almost instantly became popular, and made tons of friends (did I mention I’m from South Carolina, drag bars are popular)It was totally cool. I live in WEHO, Ca. A few Halloweens I went down to SMB as Sahara Palin, and people knew who I was impersonating. But the really cool thing is the GLBTQ community equality movement happened in large part because the drag queens. Stonewall Riots, they took those pumps off and broke more than a few nails. They may be dressed as women but a lot if not most are real men as well. Hope that didn’t sound preachy. Just sharing a story.

  • Johnny Carson

    Sorry total skipped this comment you made on Stonewall.. Now I feel like an ass…

  • n.

    that’s pretty cool. are you serious, drag bars are popular in SC?! i only knew 2 of my students here who were into that. no, 3 LOL

    i think there are MANY ways to be a Real Man. and it is interesting to learn more of them.

  • don’t. you rock

  • Johnny Carson

    Oh Yeah the south pretty much allover. 50/11diffrent pageants a year for a Miss Gay Something.

    I’ve only won one crown.Miss Cherry Bomb 1990 something. A July 4th Camp Drag pageant.

    1st Runner-up Miss Anderson, SC

    My other aunt, her husband (for their Anniversary) and daughter and her husband would came see me preform.

    I did Dream Girls, And I am telling you. My aunt cried..LOL

  • Blind Boy Belvedere

    Aliyah. Yes! Thank you for bringing up the taste of CFA food. I was done after my first visit there consuming a very bland sandwich a few years back. I went back a couple times for my kids though because the chicken nuggets actually seemed to be made of chicken. Since CFA has now fallen off their radar, this will be one of the easier consumer boycotts I’ve undertaken.

  • Blind Boy Belvedere

    Aliyah. Yes! Thank you for bringing up the taste of CFA food. I was done after my first visit there consuming a very bland sandwich a few years back. I went back a couple times for my kids though because the chicken nuggets actually seemed to be made of chicken. Since CFA has now fallen off their radar, this will be one of the easier consumer boycotts I’ve undertaken.

  • Ariana Soto

    Personally, it’s always been my opinion (intuition, hunch, guess, etc.) that God is a drag queen. Just look at a tropical sunset & tell me I’m wrong. Not that I’m going to go to war or found a hate group on the basis of my little ol’ belief, just gives me pleasure to picture Him/Her that way. This had me laughing so hard I almost peed. (Yeah, tmi, I know.) A friend of mine (who happens to be a pastor) sent this video to me, knowing my soft spot for all things drag queen-esque. My confidence in humanity’s IQ potential gets a little shaky sometimes; hilarious things like this help!