Jesus Christ and Your Inner Loser [Podcast]

Jesus Christ and Your Inner Loser [Podcast] July 26, 2012

Sorry it’s been a couple of weeks since putting up my last podcast; I’ve had this unbelievably nasty chest cold I thought it best to keep out of your ear. Anyway, here’s my latest. It’s about the idea that there was a whole other reason Jesus was drawn to outcasts and misfits that’s got nothing to do with bringing God to them.

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  • Looking forward to listening to this. 🙂

  • Diana A.

    “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.” As usual, John, you’ve nailed it!

  • Jill

    The commentary about brokenness, humility… my heart is bursting from it. That’s it John, exactly that. A person of faith is always impacted by and because of the world they inhabit. Where the rubber meets the road. I’m right there with you.

  • Today, I met for three hours with my caseworker as we tried to get me a new dentist and get the Disability board to give me some information as to why I still don’t have any money for living on from them even though my case was won way back in March – phone calls and talking and all kinds of things. My caseworker is a nice lady, but meetings like this always remind me of where I stand in life. I didn’t “make it” in life. I just got a judgement that I am disabled, yet I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the compensation for it (goverment never *really* wants to help you, remember that, kids), and the shame of it is that I don’t even have a particularly “noble” illness of the kind that gets sympathy…

    Add to that my picked-on-kid childhood, my natural inclination toward introversion and other things…

    On one had, I figure “artists aren’t supposed to be normal.” On the other hand, I was setting up to do some artwork and put the podcast on and…

    Hey, I suddenly feel better about where I am in life. Thanks!

    Also, you can tell the difference between someone who has a solidary with you and someone who just is there to give you their pity. I prefer your solidary-Jesus, becuase people who condescend to me are people have I have to control myself not to scream strings of expletives at.

  • David S

    Dear John Shore,

    You know those sponges that are dried and pressed flat so they look like cardboard? The ones that pop up and become spongy when they get dunked in water? Well my Jesus was cut out of the cardboard-like sponge and you just plunged Him into a big fat ‘ole steaming bucket of water. Obviously, I just listened to your podcast.

    The emotional life of my Jesus has had three speeds: 1) intense love for the world, 2) anger at injustice and legalism, 3) feeling forsaken by God as he faced the cross. The emotional life of the Jesus you describe is on a wide slider switch which has the whole messy range of human emotions.

    I know that Jesus expresses being misunderstood, but I’ve always taken that as a rebuke of the fallible humans around him. I’ve assumed his divine knowledge gave Him inner comfort; I’ve never stopped to think that Jesus actually FELT misunderstood. I’ve always assumed that his humble posture and position were simply a divine counterpoint to the insincere religious establishment. The notion that Jesus was compassionate towards outcasts because He knows what it FEELS like to be an outcast is a revelation for me.

    Wow – I’ve never shed a tear at a flippin’ podcast before today. Thanks so much for sharing your insights.

  • Hi I’ve been trying to find anyone who can relate to what’s happened to me…some years ago I had what I can only describe as an out of this world inner explosion of jesus christ consciousness unconditional love in my heart and whole being … and a totally higher state of awareness … it was life changing .absolutely blew me wide open .couldnt function for a while ….just sobbed! .both amazing and traumatic ….absolute ecstasy and just as Jesus said I felt ‘in the world but not of it ‘.. its drawn all sorts of other dimensional experiences ..and pain! . anyone ever had this ? people take the Christ returning to earth concept literally ,its not its internal ….and then we radiate that love to others ,to open their hearts too .. like a relay …,all part of the evolution and ascension on earth …. I rang all sorts of people but no one understood .. its been very hard and lonely sometimes as its made this reality very painful since it lessened i cant bear any living being suffering …..and made me a better person and healer but would love like minded friends …anyone understand?

  • Jill H

    David S, I forgot you wrote this. Now who’s crushing on whom???

    I re-listen (listen again…) to this one from our illustrious host. Golden.