Rejoice now

Rejoice now December 23, 2013

I’ve been offline for three full days now. I love the connections I make online; and I’ve loved being offline. My wife Catherine and I have been having so much fun I’m pretty much now constantly waiting for the Fun Police to break into our house and arrest us for exceeding the National Fun Quotient.

What the heck is the matter with me? There’s no Fun Police. There’s no National Fun Quotient.

Boy. I really should get me some therapy.

In the meantime, I wanted to jump back online for a moment to say something real quick.

Christmas creates a lot of depression in a lot of people. Why? Because those people (you, perhaps? me, perhaps?) feel that they are unlovable.

That feeling is not at all—not at all—organic or natural.

But (in three words or less) shit happens.

And sometimes we feel—too often we learn—that (alas!) we are that shit that has happened.

Terrible, terrible. No one should ever feel that way about themselves.

Especially not people as cute as we are!

We’re so adorable!

Because we’re all children.

If we feel unlovable, the clearly and truly something has gone ridiculously amiss.

Something importantly organic has gotten poisoned.


I wanted to pop online for a moment to say this: If you are feeling depressed this holiday season, then (at core) it’s because you are feeling unlovable.

But it is not true that you are unlovable.

You are lovable. You ARE worthy of love.

“All” that happened is that someone told you that you are not lovable. Someone taught you that you are not lovable.

That someone was/is horrendously mistaken.

You are lovable. You have always been lovable.

You were born lovable.

All children are lovable. This we know. In this we trust.


And this, right now, is Christmas time.

So I just wanted to say this: Jesus Christ was God come to earth to prove to every person who might ever desire or need proof of it that he or she is not just lovable, but absolutely and inviolably lovable—by none other than God himself.

That’s not your parents. That’s not your siblings. That’s not your favorite elementary school teacher. That’s not your dog. That’s not your neighbor. That’s not the kindly, wise old grocer down the street. That’s not your best friend.

That’s God.

God loves you.

And so God desperately, crazily wants you to know that he loves you.

And so Jesus Christ happened.

If ever you might, this is the time to know and feel the truth of the phenomenon of Jesus Christ.

God loves you. Jesus was/is the proof of that.

Rejoice, now.

For you have everything any of us ever wants.

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