Christmas time is nigh: so bye!

Christmas time is nigh: so bye! December 19, 2013

That’s our Christmas tree this year! (And part of one of my congas—and some of my wife Catherine’s photography! Which, if you want, you can see more of on her website.)


I’m gonna unplug between now and just after Christmas. I love being online, where I daily receive so much love, humor, and wisdom. You guys bring it like … well, Santa Claus, when he’s lost his list and ecstatically declared, “Screw it! They’re all good kids!”

So I’ll miss you! And I’ll certainly be reflecting upon how grateful I am to so many of you.

That said, it’s also time to be alone with my wife, my memories, and the holy magical mystery that is this time of year.

Here’s to what is, what has been, and what we dare to believe might yet be.

May God keep you and yours warm and safe throughout this holiday season.


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