Five e-z steps for calming down fights over abortion

Five e-z steps for calming down fights over abortion June 4, 2014

In order to help ratchet back the animosity that so often characterizes our conversations about abortion, I propose that whenever people gather to discuss the issue, before beginning everyone present resolves to agree upon the following five points, which anyone should be able to:

1. We all love and adore babies.

2. We can all empathize with any pregnant woman who, for whatever reason, feels that she must terminate her pregnancy.

3. No pregnant woman in America (or anywhere else in the world) should have unavailable to her good prenatal and postnatal care.

4. While some of us may disagree with the assertion that life begins at conception, all of us can acknowledge the spiritual validity of the conviction that human life is sacrosanct.

5. When discussing any topic as important and consequential as abortion, we must never allow manners and civility to be defeated by rancor and hostility.

How cool would it be if everyone who hadn’t first read and agreed to these five points was told they had to stay out of whatever conversation was happening about abortion?

Civil discourse instead of constant screaming?

Acting like adults instead of children?

Dare we dream it?

Also worth mentioning on this issue is this piece: To Pro-Lifers Who Believe Adoption is Always the Answer.

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