Borrowing Trouble

Borrowing Trouble January 9, 2012


by Shelby Dee


For two years, I refused to move to this mountain town. It’s too cold, I said. Winters are too long, I whined. But as the economy fell apart, this mountain town was the only town in the country I could find a job. That was three years ago. I assume that God wants me here for some reason, although, that reason has yet to make itself clear. I’m still asking him why he doesn’t want me in a place that’s 70 and sunny year round. I’d gladly go for that.


Instead, I’m here in this mountain town whose winters I’ve complained about for years, and, today, it’s 50 and sunny. In January. We hit 60 last week and broke a record high. Yet, I still keep one eyed trained on the sky – a skeptic. Worried that at any moment the heavens will open up with a snowfall that’ll leave me buried until the 4th of July.


Today, I am trying to make the choice to be glad for the warmth of today’s sun. And not worry about the possibility of what’s to come. God put me in this mountain town and so far this year he’s giving me a break from winter.

What worry is He giving you a break from today?

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  • That photo is astounding! Where did you get it?

  • AFRoger

    Hi, Shelby Dee–

    You asked a very wothy question–and we all got so distracted by the picture that we looked past the real beauty of having a burden lifted or carried, one that isn’t ours to carry in the first place.

    I love this mountain, South Sister. It’s the site of my very first ever backpacking trip a quarter century ago. Ten years later, and very much more experienced and better equipped, I camped in August on the east side above Golden Lake and enjoyed six inches of fresh snow overnight. I awoke to a brand new world the next morning with blue sky, fresh white snow, not a footprint anywhere unless I made it–and lupines and paintbrush poking out of the snow, looking their absolute best for me.

    God led us to this part of the world over 33 years ago. We didn’t know exactly why for years. It was for a million reasons. It was to have our daughter here, to raise her here. It was to be a part of this community, to know people who have blessed us in countless ways, to be a blessing in ways that we will never know. And as both my wife and I were to discover over time and in our own very specific ways, it was to save our lives. Literally.

    There are times when I forget, when things weigh me down, when I’m so concerned for the future of this 33-year old kid of ours. And then a cloud, a sunrise, a wisp of rain and wind, or the sight of mountains and trees on the horizon will remind me. He brought us here to save our lives, to give us our daughter’s life. God is life. God is love.

    In time, I won’t be able to go to South Sister again. At some point, the climb to her summit will be my last one. And whatever comes after that here on this earth, I will always have the gifts given in in this place. I expect the memory of those to lift many burdens in years to come. Your question and the picture today have already given me rest. Thanks for asking.

    And may the peace of the mountains be with you, too.

    • Shelby Dee

      Roger – I don’t know how I missed seeing this post until now. Thank you for sharing your story. I have my own memory of a hike up South Sister my first year here. I wasn’t expecting the false summit. If I’d known the way down was going to be easier than I’d imagined, I probably would’ve enjoyed the trip up a lot more and worried a lot less.

  • AFRoger

    “worthy”, that is…:)