Test ’em

Test ’em January 25, 2012

What if we required candidates to take a test?

One of those all-day SAT kind of test?

Bring only your NO. 2 pencils, sharpened, no i-Phones, no calculators, no index cards, no personal assistants.

Just your pencils,

Your experience,

Your memory,

And your knowledge.

The two highest scorers, one GOP and one Democrat, will then be allowed to run for the nation’s office.

Let’s put together a team of our brightest historians, economists, sociologists, theologians, and have them work with our best teachers, who have been teaching to the test, design the test.

So what questions would you want them to answer?


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  • Sherwood8028

    “Do you know where you parked your car this morning?”

    Well, at least that would be more relevant than the questions they are being asked, today!

    My real question, “Why are you – as a Christian, backing one party as opposed to another?” Politicians – on both sides of the aisle, favor themselves. If they don’t get re-elected they won’t have a job and so, they do whatever it is they have to do to get re-elected.

    Let’s return to the earliest days of Christianity when the followers did as He asked them to do and wherever they went, people were amazed and many started to follow them. And their numbers were multiplied to such an extent that the most powerful nation in the world – at that time, crumbled. But then, they got infatuated with their own power and you can see the results of that, every time you turn on the TV or read what the columnists have to say about what is wrong with us.

    • You’ve posed an important question here, Sherwood: Is one party more “Christian” than the other?

      • Sherwood8028

        Neither party should be regarding as best reflecting our voice. Having been classified as a member of both parties over the years, I find very little that is “Christian” in either one – which is at it should be. Competing as to who is the better representative is better left to those who do not profess faith.

    • You’ve posed an important question here, Sherwood: Is one party more “Christian” than the other?

  • Wanda V

    How much does a gallon of milk cost?

    • I love this question.

    • AFRoger

      Wanda: Maybe we should ask ’em where milk comes from first… 🙂

  • How many commandments are in the Ten Commandments?

  • 2. How many have you not broken?

  • I am thinking that the smartest people do not necessarily make the best leaders. For example, I think that Obama is pretty smart…

    • Don’t you think there should be a baseline test?

      • Yeah maybe. But I also think there should be a baseline test for parenting. You need to pass a test to drive a car, yet not to be parent or a politician. Go figure.