Slumming with the Super PACs

Slumming with the Super PACs February 9, 2012

It is the one thing that has me rethinking how I will vote in this upcoming election, or if I’ll vote.

President Obama’s decision to slum with the super Pacs.

Let’s not fool ourselves – this is just a form of pimping out the office of president. Sure, it is all legal but not everything legal is ethical and the money from super PACs reeks of cronyism, favoritism, and no-good-ism.

New rules allow huge, unregulated monies to steer federal races. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have no qualms about accepting as much money as they can from the super rich in the super PACs.

And you know what they say — what’s good for the goose will surely goose the gander, too. Okay. Well maybe they don’t say it that way. That’s my own personal interpretation. But President Obama’s people are explaining his flip-floping on this issue — one he’s vehemently condemned in the past –as just a matter of “He’s got to do it if he wants to win.”

It’s not a far cry from the excuse I heard in class this week when some of the boys were explaining why teabagging is funny in the right situation. Teabagging being a rather unseemingly sexual act typically performed upon another person as part of a bullying or hazing or what some consider a practical joke.

The excuse being that because everyone’s doing it, it’s fun and I have to join in if I want to belong.

Forget what’s ethical, what’s moral, what’s humane, what sheer common sense tells you is the right thing to do. None of that matters when everybody is teabagging. Only in this instance, it’s the super PACS who are teabagging the rest of us, while they stand back laughing.

Every single front-running politician vying for office, including President Obama, has turned the White House into a Frat House for Super PACs.

And we, the American people, take it, accept it, passively, like a drunk passed out on the counter following a particularly rowdy football game.

Not one word of protest.

Not one call for help.

Just the laughter coming from the super PACs as they take over the White House and proceed to turn it into their personal Animal House.



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  • AFRoger

    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently defended the Citizens United ruling, saying that when it comes to politcal speech, “the more, the merrier.” His advice if we don’t like negative ads on TV? Just turn it off. Well, sure. But what about the corrosive and corrupting effects of all that fundraising? What about the effects of relentless attack ads that are overwhelmingly negative?

    A journalist recently called the GOP nominating process so far the “Bataan death march”. Not far off, methinks. For the country as well as the candidates. Really, who would want to subject themselves to that except a fanatic? And the last one left standing at the end of the process in November? What’s the landscape that awaits them in terms of getting anything done that needs doing? The landscape may look less like Bataan and more like a path a general named Sherman once blazed across Georgia. And our response, I suppose, will be to shovel even more money at the beast next time around? Lord, save us from ourselves!