On Juxtapositions

On Juxtapositions March 22, 2013


Barry Hannah used to say it was the glaring juxtapositions of the South that made it such fertile soil for writers.

The rich.

The poor.

The black.

The white.

I think about what Barry said all the time.

Juxtapositions abound.

That has never been more obvious to me than as someone who teaches First Amendment Rights.

How is it that the same nation and legal system that wrongly and grievously allowed for students at UC Davis to be wickedly pepper-sprayed for peaceably protesting — something I don’t think any of us do enough of these days given all the wrongs worth protesting about…


Be the same nation, the same legal system that then allows Ohio school shooter TJ Lane to mockingly wear a shirt that said “KILLER” before the victims families in a court hearing this week where God, the judge and a roomful of people sworn to uphold the law did nothing, not even when TJ Lane then said to those same families such vile things that I won’t print them, altho, you can watch the video yourself


TJ Lane earned himself a first-class, one-way ticket to the local lock-up. Three life sentences. Room and board. The best defense tax monies can buy, for endless appeals.

And the real irony?

Some of those tax dollars that support TJ Lane will undoubtedly come from the family members of the victims.



And Evil.


And Satan.


And not praying.

Remaining silent in the face of wrongdoing

Or speaking out. 




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  • I watched this the other day and it made me absolutely furious! That lame excuse for a judge NEVER should have allowed this display in the courtroom. As far as the kid’s commentary I find it despicable, but, unfortunately he does have the right to say that garbage. The judge still should have made him leave the courtroom for that T-shirt and the swearing. They do it all the time around here. That judge should be ashamed for making these people listen and look at that hatred. Hate promotes more hate. Such a sad situation for those families of the victims.

  • AFRoger

    I’ve occasionally heard that judges’ worst fear is having their rulings and courtroom decisions overturned. I agree with Gary. Judge shoud have removed Mr. Lane from the courtroom and/or found him in contempt of court. By failing to act in a way demanded by the decorum and civility necessary for a civil society, the judge was him/herself in contempt of court. Certainly in contempt of decency. Plaintiffs, family members and the state were not on trial. Their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness trump defendant’s right to “free expression” here. He has the right to speak and act in his own defense. Being insulting and obscene is not a defense. It would not be allowed for the prosecution. Reciprocity requires the same of the defense.