The Believer’s Serenity Prayer

The Believer’s Serenity Prayer August 22, 2013



God grant me this thing I ask

Help me to change the things I cannot accept;

Grant me courage to press ahead despite the darkness

and wisdom to know when to not give up.


Give me vision to see beyond this one day;

While savoring this single moment in time.

Refuse me the indulgence of self-pity,

of accepting hardships as some silly pathway to peace.


Rather show me how to be of help;

I may not be able to make all things right;

Even so, never let me be resigned to not trying.


Teach me to be a listening ear,

a helping hand,

a strong, unwavering voice.


For no matter what bitter disappointments

or severe injustices life may hold

Trusting in your goodness, God,

is the only way I know to be happy in this life

Or the next one.


– Karen Spears Zacharias, author, Mother of Rain

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