FNG: Fine Nice Gal’s Run For the Wall

FNG: Fine Nice Gal’s Run For the Wall April 7, 2014


Ten years ago, I joined my father’s medic for a cross-country trip, via motorcycle.

I’ve written about that excursion in a Kindle book.

FNG: Fine Nice Gal’s Run for the Wall is now available.

Gold-Star daughter Karen Spears Zacharias was not born to be wild but that didn’t stop her from mustering up the courage to take a motorcycle trip cross-country with a group of Vietnam Veterans and Run for the Wall. Join Karen and a merry cast of roadies – The Navigator. Stump. Bullet Head. Cruiser. Straightarrow. Wildman. And K-Rail – as they make their way from California to Washington, D.C. where they revved up their engines for the annual Rolling Thunder parade.

This is a Kindle exclusive.


From the Intro:

While it is true I made Arlo Guthrie’s Motorcycle Song into a lullaby for my four children – “I don’t want a pickle, I just want to ride on my motor-cicle” – I didn’t mean a word of it. I’d seen Easy Rider and knew there wasn’t a thing easy about that ride for Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper. I had no intentions of riding any hog, especially not from Ontario, California to Washington, D.C. …


I may not have been Born to be Wild but it was a Wild Ride.


For more information about Run for the Wall, click here. 


Karen Spears Zacharias is author of Mother of Rain, Weatherford Award for Fiction.

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