Don’t Touch: Because I Love You

Don’t Touch: Because I Love You April 16, 2015


I think its funny how the same people that don’t like rules or reject being told what to do are the same ones that are quick to create the same type of borders that give them a rash every time one is mentioned. And the place where I love to see it especially is with new, fresh first time parents.

You know what I’m talking ‘bout: the ones that are so excited and protective of every move their new bundle of joy makes. It’s normal to clean your house when a newborn is brought home, but they act like anthrax was found under the crib. And the safety precautions that you see in the home make you wonder if the mom bought every item off those late night infomercials. If the newborn has siblings, Lord have mercy on the siblings! Every hand that touches the new baby has to go under strict inspection to make sure that not one germ touches the new gift from the heavens.

And as the child grows older, the borders don’t stop. Sometimes they increase. No playing in the street. No talking to strangers. Don’t sit on uncle Tyrone’s lap… he’s special. Rule after rule, boundary after boundary, the list could look to the child like the parents don’t love him, but it’s quite the opposite. The infectious love of parenthood drives them to create the safest place the child to live.

No matter what it looks like to your baby, you know without a doubt, these rules are born out of love.

So you may already know where I’m going. If we — who are finite and limited in our power, vision and knowledge of the future — would go to Hell and back for ours, why would it surprise you that the holiest of holies would do the same?

Yet, we see his word as a list of rules that slow us down, stand in our way, conflict with how we feel. But we forget that — as a parent — he is creating for his children the safest journey home. The ugly thing about religion is it pulls all of the heart out of the story. All we are left with is rules. Laws can’t create relationship, and you and I can’t carry that kind of weight.

If a wife was given a list every morning from her husband of all of her wifely responsibilities, she would find no joy or motivation in that list. (And if she’s anything like my girl, he better watch his back!) If all the husband leaves is a list of rules, he cannot expect an environment when he comes home that’s filled with love, joy. He certainly can’t expect passion.

The couch shall be his new dwelling place!

But what if the list was lived out? What if the husband sent sweet texts throughout the day, ordered flowers “just because,” and had an interest in the things that she loves as well? Well, Barry White music will be meeting him at the door.

Back to the kids!

The kids may not like the borders and boundaries, but as time goes on they’ll see the love in the details.

Erase the image of God as a mean judge waiting to attack your every mistake, and replace it with the image of a father that is overjoyed every time a new soul is brought into the family. He wants clean hands because he knows how devastating the germs of this world can hurt the soul. He doesn’t want you going down that street – not because you can’t, but because He knows what’s at the end of it. He knows what you may come back with may be more than you can drink, smoke, or sleep away.

See God’s word as letters of love, not laws that kill life.

God is just being a parent, trying to get you home.

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