The Price of Quiet

The Price of Quiet May 22, 2015

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If you live anywhere on the planet earth, you would agree that this year has been LOUD.

And we’re only 5 months in! 

Sometimes, we have an uncontrollable array of sounds. Some good, some bad. The noise from Baltimore was both good and bad. The cries of the overlooked and disenfranchised exploded onto the streets and brought both attention and destruction to the national spotlight with a narrative too common over the last year.

Then the deaths of thousands in Nepal overwhelmed us to the point that most of us checked out unfortunately and had to be reminded that “oh yeah, that did happen.” Sad. The return of LOVE AND HIP HOP ATLANTA got the streets riled up again about our favorite urban soap stars fighting and setting up scenes to bust each other in love triangles lit and well directed for our voyeurism and escapism from our own normal lives stuck on repeat. THEN, there was THE FIGHT OF THE CENTURY…..sorry, I fell asleep blogging… anyway.

It’s been loud. Then, add to all of that your kids getting ready for prom these next few weekends, planning for graduations, jobs that don’t have nothing to do with your major, and you’ve got a life that’s just been too busy for… you know who.

Do not think it strange, my friend, that the spiritual battle in the heavens has not predestined within it a plan to disengage you from your life source by filling your life with noise.

See, my people, the more the noise, the more distant the voice of the Father becomes. And never forget: God will never yell over your noisy life; He shouldn’t have to, because yelling is a sign of competition. We yell to compete with whatever noise is taking place during an attempt to create dialog. The creator of your very existence will never compete for the attention of that which He has created… for Himself.

Your confusion is a sign of lack of direction. You can’t hear God, so you don’t know where to go. If your days are stuffed with quick satisfactions and temporary getaways, loss will meet you every Monday morning. It’s up to you to choose what you benefit from the most. Like anything that has long term nutritional value, that pursuit will not always be exciting and sexy. Just necessary. If you’ve been out of the game for a while of making time with God, it must be INTENTIONAL UNTIL IT BECOMES NATURAL.

We often think that sitting at the breakfast table before the kids wake up for school with a cup of joe and your Max Lucado devotional is the only picture God can receive from a true seeker. It’s not the prettiness of the pursuit that makes God smile. It is the fight to knock down the noise, to say no to the after party or turn off the TV at night so you can get your lazy butt up a little earlier because your life is at stake if you don’t hear the Father speak. I know you look at some people and they make time with God look so polished and easy.. you’re not them! You’re a train wreck and so am I. Guess what?


And God loves the damaged parts as much as your pretty parts as long as you’re not the one trying to make them pretty. Between the noise of this world and the still voice of God, the world will always win… if it’s left up to the noise to decide. These past weeks are a reminder that the choice is up to you.

What will you eat and what will you turn away. God’s best is waiting for those who choose it.

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