American Cardinals Arriving at Afternoon Session — On Watching from Home

American Cardinals Arriving at Afternoon Session — On Watching from Home March 5, 2013

Words cannot express how much I wish my physical body were in Rome this month — although I’m far from a real “journalist”, since attending the Vatican Bloggers Meeting a few years ago, I have felt such a close connection to the Vatican and our Pope Emeritus. That’s probably why I simply can’t get enough of watching the news surrounding the upcoming conclave.

Next time I get to confession (which needs to be soon), I’ll need to confess the serious sin of envy as I watch a few good friends be credentialed as press and begin to head to Rome.  Thanks be to God for the three travel commitments that will have me tied to home and watching from any device I can get my hands on over the next few weeks.

If it weren’t for those prior engagements, I’d be on the next red eye flight and probably sleeping on the cobblestones, hoping for a glimpse of the conclave and that white smoke, for a firsthand look at our new Pontiff.

Since I can’t be there, I’m grateful for the work of some amazing Catholic media organizations which have made watching from afar so much easier. I’ve long been subscribed to the Youtube feeds of Rome Reports, Catholic News Service, EWTN and others. In this sede vacante period, their work to keep the faithful educated and informed has been amazing. I can watch a video like this one below — of our American Cardinals arriving for their afternoon meetings — and imagine myself among the reporters calling out, “Good evening, Eminence!” and hoping for a smile and a wave like the one given by Cardinal Wuerl. These types of videos – so informative, but also so easy to share – make it simple for the average mom in the pew to understand the process and to share it with her loved ones via social media.

I won’t be going to Rome, but I’ll be there in spirit and in prayer!

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