Space Oddity – May God’s Love Be with You!

Space Oddity – May God’s Love Be with You! May 15, 2013

If you haven’t seen it yet, you simply must take five minutes and enjoy “Space Oddity”, the amazing video recently released by Astronaut Chris Hadfield performing David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity” shot entirely in the International Space Station.

By the time you read this, it’s fairly certain that the video will have been viewed over 8 million times on Youtube. As someone with wanderlust, I dream about one day having Hadfield’s view of God’s majesty on display. It’s so easy when watching this video to simply marvel as the enormity, the beauty and the absolute power of creation. We definitely take it for granted.

Good for you Chris Hadfield – this is awesome! May God’s love be with you as you pass the Space Station reigns to Pavel Vladimirovich Vinogradov of Russia.

May God’s love be with you!

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  • I doubted it originally, but the change of lyrics to “lock your soyuz hatch” convinced me.

    • lisahendey

      Did you doubt that he actually filmed it up there? It’s been widely covered in the media. I think it is so cool!

      • I didn’t doubt the filming, but until I heard it for the third time, I thought he was lipsyncing to the original.

      • And of course, the reason that line removed the doubt was that NO American in the 1970s would have been singing about soyuz capsules.