40 Days for Life: Day 13 – 135 Babies Saved

40 Days for Life: Day 13 – 135 Babies Saved October 7, 2013

I’d intended to provide more regular updates on the amazing 40 Days for Life campaign but somehow we’re already on Day 13. 40 Days for Life is a pro-life campaign working to end abortion through prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils outside abortion centers, and community outreach. I’m registered to receive their daily emails, so I’ve been enjoying praying in solidarity with those around the country who are truly saving lives. Today’s email blast lead with the most important news: 135 babies (that they know of) saved from abortion.

Many of us, although pro-life, have never been involved with a campaign like this one. 40 Days is a very simple, quite grace-filled way of uniting your prayers for the sanctity of all human life with others in a way that has tangible results. If you’ve never prayed in front of an abortion clinic but have felt a “nagging feeling” in your heart to further unite yourself with the fight for life, consider taking an hour to pray with 40 Days for Life. I think you’ll find — as I did — that the experience will be life-changing for you.

Learn more about 40 Days for Life here.

"Only good things are to come!! Saying yes is the best. See you around, friend."

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  • Hallelujah!!! The Lord be praised and God bless the ones that were born and the ones that weren’t.

  • C

    So…what are you doing–in addition to “praying in solidarity” to help this young lady and so many like her who aren’t ready to support a child and aren’t ready to be the “right mom” they want to be?

    Just wondering.


    • lisahendey

      C I don’t really feel the need to justify all the things our family does to lead a fully pro-life commitment. I think that you’ll find that most who pray also live out their beliefs through support of a variety of service organizations that come to the aid of others. Praying doesn’t mean that we don’t have to “act” or “serve” as well… thanks for commenting.

  • Pat

    Just please don’t abandon the babies and moms on day 41!