CRS Video from Iraq Will Melt Your Heart: Watch, Pray, Share & Give!

CRS Video from Iraq Will Melt Your Heart: Watch, Pray, Share & Give! September 11, 2014

Not many words are necessary to accompany this amazing firsthand look at those impacted by the ongoing crisis in Iraq. Catholic Relief Services’ Communications Officer Caroline Brennan shares from the heart about what is being done to aid those most impacted by the ongoing violence in the region:

If you can get past the frames at around the 19th second of the video without tears in your eyes, I’ll be amazed. We talk a lot about religious freedom and persecution, but the sight of this amazing woman so faithfully praying her Rosary made me realize how profoundly I take my most basic liberties for granted:

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 4.12.21 PM


I can’t begin to imagine what these families must be going through. Fortunately, Carolyn takes us into their world, where the most simple sacrifices we make mean water, food, shelter and safety.

Today, on the anniversary of the loss of so many here in our own country, will you please prayerfully consider a small gift in their memory to help the families being served in the war torn middle east? Your gifts, given to CRS are a beautiful way to show your support.

Donate here.

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