Meet “Fiat” the Goldfish

Meet “Fiat” the Goldfish October 31, 2014

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The waiting is over!

The votes have been tabulated!

… and the winner is:

cover Grace of Yes 3DFiat!

I want to personally thank all of you who participated in our amazing Name the Goldfish initiative. As I mentioned here, this little goldfish, now named “Fiat”, has become a symbol for the themes addressed in The Grace of Yes.

I was thrilled to have so many fantastic nominations. Because the name “Fiat” was nominated by seven different people to benefit seven different charities, the donation will be split among the winners. The second place goldfish name “Polycarp” (nominated by two friends) and third place “Blaze” will also be receiving their prizes soon.

Again, thank you to every one of you who participated by sharing your names and charities.

Friends of Fiat

Beginning on Monday, I will be kicking off a long-term “Friends of Fiat” series where we will look at what I’m calling “The Grace of Yes in Action”. This series will begin with a weeklong celebration of the book’s launch by sharing the stories of the seven charities who were nominated by our contest winners. Each day, we’ll tell you about one of the organizations, about why they exemplify “The Grace of Yes” and about how you can support them with your generosity and prayers.

Friends of Fiat

For today, I would like to share why some of our contest winners thought that “Fiat” was the perfect name for our goldfish:

  • “Fiat” is the Latin term used for the “yes” of the Blessed Mother when she freely chose to accept the path the Lord had chosen her to live. “Be it done unto me according to your word.” That’s what the grace of “yes” is all about. Barb S.
  • Fiat is the first name I thought of since this is what Mary gave when she gave her humble and generous Yes, “Let it be done to me according to Your Will”, to God. From her Fiat, God’s Mercy was released and, like John in Elizabeth’s womb, we can all jump for joy at Mary’s Fiat that gave birth to her Son, her Savior. Erika M.
  • The Grace of Yes implies a holy and divine FIAT… aka “yes” so how about a FIAT FISH!? I love it. Alexis W.
  • Fiat mean yes. It means giving a total yes – in total surrender. Mary taught us that in the New Testament. Her Fiat allowed her to be used as a vessel for salvation, and Our Blessed Mother teaches us everyday to give our own Fiat. Mary W.

Be sure to join us on Monday when we begin to unveil the first seven “Friends of Fiat” in celebration of the official launch of The Grace of YesUntil then, I ask for your prayerful support for the book and those who will be touched by this work.

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