A Still, Silent “Yes”–Sweet Tweets for 11/21/14

A Still, Silent “Yes”–Sweet Tweets for 11/21/14 November 21, 2014

still yesAt some point this month, I am going to find or make time to write a long post about my experience of spending five days in the convent with the Daughters of St. Paul in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. I really am. Now that I’ve moved along to a busy catechetical conference in Northern California and am bunking in a lovely luxury hotel, I feel as though I’m just waking up from a long, luscious dream.

In so many ways, it was perfect that my stay at the convent coincided with our book launch tour for The Grace of Yes. Not only are the Daughters the epitome of “Yes, Lord!” mentality, but the place was stunningly calming. Amidst the busyness of interviews and commitments, it was beyond sublime to pace my days around prayer time with the sisters. The chapel, simple and silent, beckoned me multiple times a day. Jesus was waiting, watching, ready for me. All I had to do was accept that grace, venture a few steps and embrace the opportunity. When Pope Francis tweeted earlier this week the words, “There is so much noise in the world! May we learn to be silent in our hearts and before God,” my mind immediately went to that chapel and that stunning silence.

One lesson the Daughters taught me is that I must–on a daily basis–reclaim silence in my days. And by silence, I mean not just a lack of outside sound. I’m also talking about teaching myself to still my brain before the Lord, to rest in God’s loving embrace without mentally reviewing my to do list or pondering my next blog post idea.

There is so much noise in the world.
May I learn to be silent in my heart and before God.

I’m grateful to my friend John Clem, O.F.S. for this week’s Sweet Tweets:

  • Papal Tweet:  “There is so much noise in the world! May we learn to be silent in our hearts and before God.” (Pope Francis, Nov. 18th)
  • Schedule released for Pope Francis in Sri Lanka and the Philippines (Jan 2015) (Vatican Radio) ow.ly/EgpNW
  • Jesuit Brother Guy Cosolmagno wins top science award – the Carl Sagan Medal (Vatican Radio) ow.ly/Egqm8
  • Unveiled: a new Pre-Cana Program (Diocese of Richmond) ow.ly/Ejfpk
  • Defending marriage at the Vatican (CNS) ow.ly/EjfSU
  • Food for the Soul: Heaven: Who’s In and Who’s Out? (Fr. Jack Peterson, Y.A.) ow.ly/EjgJB
  • Pope Francis’ eight tips to improve family life (Rome Reports) ow.ly/EjOxS
  • Avoiding Absolutism | (Fr. Dan Horan, ofm – America Magazine) ow.ly/EmwSV
  • Franciscan Firars Serve the Hungry in Full-Service Restaurant (Arts & Faith – Loyola Press) ow.ly/EmxnC
  • CNN explores the priesthood: a review (Deacon Greg Kandra – Patheos) ow.ly/EmAhg
  • 60 Minutes Video – Interview with Archbishop Sean O’Malley CBS.com ow.ly/EmQpU
  • Cardinal Sean O’Malley: Reflections on my ’60 Minutes’ interview. (The Boston Pilot) ow.ly/EzKnf
  • Father Blase Cupich to Take Over Archdiocese of Chicago (NBC News.com) ow.ly/EmWVe
  • Pope confirms he will visit U.S. in September 2015 (CNS) ow.ly/EonTF
  • Interactive Map: Where Are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.? – NYTimes.com ow.ly/EpCgN
  • Pope Francis denounces “false compassion” behind abortion and euthanasia (Rome Reports) ow.ly/EooEz
  • Creative video: Don’t text at the dinner table — Pass The Salt – (Matthew Abeler) ow.ly/EmQ5Z
  • What is “The Art of Accompaniment”? Some Concerns About Another Phrase Emerging From the Synod (Msgr. Pope – ADW) ow.ly/EpM8Z
  • Ireland returns to the Vatican | (John Allen – Crux) ow.ly/EpLcn
  • 11 Things to Do in St. Peter’s Square (Epic Pew) ow.ly/EpiNf
  • Pope Francis and the American Punk Rocker | Word On Fire ow.ly/Et0Jm
  • Music: Ants Marching/Ode To Joy – 4 Guys, 3 min, 2 cellos, 1 piano – ThePianoGuys – YouTube ow.ly/EjfwL
  • God’s eye view of the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia youtu.be/T3Uq_I3YveE
  • 7 Life Lessons from Catholic Comedian Jim Gaffigan | ChurchPOP ow.ly/EovlW
  • Music: For one young Catholic, music is an apostolate of beauty :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) ow.ly/Ep8DU
  • 7 Lessons from Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament (The Catholic Gentleman) ow.ly/ErgDw
  • Exploring Dali’s Sacrament of the Last Supper (Billy Kangas – Patheos) ow.ly/EpSc3
  • Movie: Vatican Museums filmed in HD-3D — coming to 500 theaters across America on December 10th ow.ly/EqxdT
  • FYI: The original Stan Lee comic book of Pope John Paul II (originally sold for $1.50 and now sells for $20) ow.ly/i/7Crzi
  • Mister Rogers and Me (video) – Aleteia ow.ly/ErkK1plus full documentary youtu.be/ZunXnhjBqzE
  • Vatican raises issue of misuse of armed drones at UN (Vatican Radio) ow.ly/EsCXU
  • Sr. Maria Kim’s Vocation Story – Trailer – (Daughters of St. Paul – Spirit Juice Studios) ow.ly/EroCI
  • James Martin and Ross Douthat on Pope Francis, the Synod and the Demands of Law and Mercy | America Magazine ow.ly/Euf0b
  • Pope Permits Ordination for Married Men in Eastern Catholic Churches in US, Other Countries – Aleteia ow.ly/Eumdi
  • Music: Pentatonix Hails Mary on New Christmas CD | CatholicVote.org ow.ly/Eun6Y
  • Catholic Impact: Community – Immaculate Conception Church (Archdiocese of Washington) ow.ly/EuonU
  • Reflection on Brotherly Care – (Peter Clem – Youth Apostles) ow.ly/EuzaZ
  • Catalog of Sin – All Items are in Stock, Free Shipping and Handling from the Supplier « Archdiocese of Washington ow.ly/EuNTw
  • New Chicago archbishop: Be authentic, leave your comfort zone :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) ow.ly/Evo6T
  • Joy to the World: An Interview with Dr. Scott Hahn [Video] | Word On Fire ow.ly/ExAjT
  • He Reigns! The Solemnity of Christ the King | (Fr. Robert Barron – Word On Fire) ow.ly/ExCRA
  • Exhibition on Saint Francis opens at the United Nations in New York (Vatican Radio) ow.ly/ExEz2
  • Pope Francis Raffles Off His Swag to Help the Poor (The Daily Beast) ow.ly/ExP15
  • November celebrates Black Catholic History Month: Black families and traditional marriage (CNS) ow.ly/ExWyo
  • The “Humanum” Videos: Extraordinary Short Films on Marriage and the Family (Brandon Vogt) ow.ly/ExYcr
  • Pope Francis calls for peace after series of Jerusalem attacks (Vatican Radio) ow.ly/EyUPC
  • Pope Francis offers a lesson from a ham and cheese sandwich :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) ow.ly/EyX9Q
  • What Would Jesus Eat? (Arts & Faith – Loyola Press) ow.ly/Ez0oV
  • NEW: YOUCAT confirmation book (Ignatius Press) YOUCAT confession coming soon ow.ly/Ez9Oy
  • Patriarch Sako: More international help and ground troops needed to defeat IS militants (Vatican Radio) ow.ly/EBmwd
  • CNS STORY: Rally with Thanksgiving theme last-minute plea for immigration order ow.ly/EBs5Z
  • Long Hidden, Vatican Painting Linked To Native Americans : The Two-Way : NPR ow.ly/EBzU6
  • Sweet Hour of Prayer! Or Not? How do You Experience Prayer? « Archdiocese of Washington ow.ly/EBAiK
  • Fr. Roderick Vonhogen lauches new Catholic video website — more languages coming — videos w/ English subtitles ow.ly/EBJf3
  • When the Virgin Mary Appeared in France – plus beautiful video about Our Lady of the Laus (Aleteia) ow.ly/EBR3T
  • Chances for encounter define upcoming “Year of the Consecrated Life” starting at Advent (OSV) ow.ly/ECbAp
  • Care for Creation: U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit ow.ly/EChHm
  • Can We Cana? A Community to Support Catholic Marriages: No Better Aphrodisiac: Why NFP? (Karee Santos) ow.ly/ECNan
  • Videos on upcoming documentary about Thomas Merton w/Fr. Jim Martin, S.J. & Fr. Dan Horan, ofm ow.ly/ECTmY
  • Speaking for the hungry, Francis again critiques global market system | National Catholic Reporter ow.ly/ECW8J
  • Encountering God’s Presence w/ Ministry Assignments – (Franciscan Friars – Holy Name Province) ow.ly/ECYRT
  • Catholic Cuisine: Thanksgiving Turkey Fruit & Veggie Platters ow.ly/Ey5ew
  • The Official 2014 Catholic Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway! – Catholic Sistas ow.ly/Ezbzd
  • Please help us to raise funds to help the poor and homeless with Greater Good Technology | Indiegogo ow.ly/EpXL4

advent wreath

Advent Sweet Tweets:

  • Advent Resources from the Franciscans at AmericanCatholic.org ow.ly/ECXBU
  • Advent Resources from CatholicMom.com – with CRS Advent ideas, Advent Wreath hook-up + much more ow.ly/ED4TK
  • Advent Resources: Advent Calendar, Jesse Tree, Prayers, History, Reflections (EWTN) ow.ly/ED3GT
  • 7 Facts You May Not Have Known About Advent (EpicPew) ow.ly/Ez93T
  • Podcast: The Break: Social Media for Shepherds and St. Nicholas (Fr. Roderick Vonhogen -SQPN.com) ow.ly/El8rn
  • Simplify the Holidays – great resources (The Center for a New American Dream) ow.ly/ErhzG
John Clem celebrates #graceofyesday
John Clem celebrates #graceofyesday

#GraceOfYes Sweet Tweets:

John Clem, O.F.S.

John Clem, O.F.S is the Director and Media Minister at Catholic Web Services (http://catholicws.com/). John is a professed member of the Secular Franciscan Order, and loves to share his talents in faith, technology, and journalism in service to the church.  John also writes a blog entitled Call To Holiness  (http://www.calltoholiness.us/). Follow John on Twitter at @Catholicwebs, on Facebook and at Google+.

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