Archbishop José Gomez Answers “What is Lent?”

Archbishop José Gomez Answers “What is Lent?” February 27, 2015

Catholic Relief Services and the CRS Rice Bowl program have created a compelling Lenten video series that asks “What is Lent?”. For eight days, I am sharing each of the videos here at the blog. I hope you’ll join me in this brief retreat. I believe you’ll find, as I have, that these videos lead to deeper reflection and increased motivation.

Today, we hear from Archbishop José Gomez:

Archbishop of Los Angeles, José Gomez reflects on the importance of Solidarity during Lent.

Archbishop Gomez ends his reflection with the words, “Lent is a journey to be shared with the Body of Christ.” As I prayerfully reflect upon my own Lenten journey, I am asking myself today how my simple acts of prayer, fasting and almsgiving are bringing me into closer solidarity with those Jesus called us to serve. On its own, my chosen fast does little for the poor. But when I prayerfully pursue this fast with an eye towards using what I “give up” to serve others, I take baby steps towards being the disciple Christ called me to be.

How are your Lenten devotions shared with the Body of Christ?

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