Father James Martin, SJ Answers “What is Lent?”

Father James Martin, SJ Answers “What is Lent?” February 26, 2015

Catholic Relief Services and the CRS Rice Bowl program have created a compelling Lenten video series that asks “What is Lent?”. For the next eight days, I am going to share each of the videos here at the blog. I hope you’ll join me in this brief retreat. I believe you’ll find, as I have, that these videos lead to deeper reflection and increased motivation.

Today, we hear from Father James Martin, SJ:

Father James Martin, SJ, Editor at Large of America Magazine, shows how important prayer is during Lent by connecting us to God.

In this video, Father Jim calls on each of us to find time for silence and prayer during our Lenten season. Whether you live in the busyness of Manhattan, or suburbia like me, it’s like that you are a person who shares the desire to find a bit of space to hear God’s voice in your heart. During Lent, I am trying to “pause” my instinctive need to fill the space around myself with noise. Only in the quiet of a still heart and mind can I reconnect with the God who has blessed me so greatly. In this video, Fr. Jim mentions New York City’s Central Park as an oasis of quiet, a reflective place. I’m pondering today the many places, along with my parish, where I am able to still my busy mind to contemplate God’s tremendous love for me.

How are you making time for silence in your life this Lent? Where do you go when you need a quiet space?

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