Andrew Marin on

Andrew Marin on June 23, 2009

Enjoy this interview (Part 1) with author and creator of The Ooze and, Spencer Burke. Watching it back I forgot I got a little excited at the end. And if you know me, you know what I mean by excited!

Do you agree or disagree with anything I said?

Much love.

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  • Thom Curnutte



  • mojojules

    I admit, I'm sorting through you. LOL At first I was excited about this. I was proud of Spencer to do it. Then I got in research mode and I admit, I became suspect of you. Its hard to not feel that way. When you are a christian and gay. Many christians come at this as not seeing me as a sister, but as the sinner that must be returned from the fold. I thank you for sharing your story with Spencer and theooze community. I hope that it at least starts a conversation that holds hope and understanding! 🙂



  • Andrew Marin

    Hi Jules, thanks for your honesty and I take your words very seriously. Here is my basic thought of framework for what I do:

    I don't expect ANY GLBT person to trust me, respect me or work with me in this thing UNTIL I literally spend significant amounts of time EARNING your trust and credibility through YOUR eyes and filtration system, so you know without a doubt I am and I live out in relation to, and relationship with you, exactly who I say I am and exactly how I say I live it out. Unless that happens (and it doesn't matter if it takes a lifetime, or maybe it never happens), then I don't expect anything significant to take place within our experiences with each other.

    I think that is the part where evangelical Christian folks get it wrong. They think we deserve trust and respect, when pretty much everything that has happened from straight Christian folks has been fighting against the GLBT community, and gay Christians as well.

    That is the point of what it means for me to live in the neighborhood for the last decade and do the work in listening, learning and understanding; because I know I can't understand what it is like to be gay because I am not. So, as much as I can learn and push others in my evangelical community to do the same, I can hope the dialogue will move forward and voices like yours are not just heard, but legitimately listened to.

    I hope this helps a little.
    Much love!

  • mojojules

    Hi Andrew!

    Yes, that does help and I admire what you are doing. Thank you for expounding for me. I appreciate it!


  • David

    "They think we deserve trust and respect"

    My 10 year old son told me last week: nobody "deserves" anything. I hope he holds on to that truth!

  • mojojules

    Hey Andrew!Sorry to do this on your blog! I have a friend that does a blog for Christian LGBTQA (sing the alphabet ;)) I told her about you and your interview with Spencer. She was wondering if y'all could make contact and see if you might contribute to it? Let me know. I'm now on your twitter,I'm MoJoJules if you want to DM me. I'll pass her info on to you! Thanks!Jules