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Other Faith’s Love Love June 17, 2009

I have been touched recently by the amount of non-evangelical, even non-Christian people that have read Love is an Orientation and thought it worthwhile enough to personally write me. I have received numerous emails telling me of touching stories and examples of how my book has made a direct impact on people’s sphere’s of influence; shaking their traditional paradigms of engagement and actually doing something to intentionally start building bridges. I have been printing these emails and hanging them on my wall in my office to give me a constant reminder of why I am pounding my head against a brick wall of oppression day after day. But as one of my friends clarified,

“Andrew, if you keep hitting your head against a brick wall, one day the wall will break!”

So hit away I will…

There were two public reviews I have recently seen that really caught my attention because one is from a Muslim and the other is from a gay Anabaptist.

Here is the review of my book from a Muslim, Afdhere Jama, who is the author of the book Illegal Citizens: Queer Lives in the Muslim World. He also edits Huriyah, a bilingual (arabic in paper, english online) GLBT Muslim magazine.

Wow. Humbled. Overwhelmed. That’s all I can say about that.

And this link is from the Young Anabaptist Radicals blog (I made a comment on this post). Again, I am in total amazement how the Lord is using the book to cross cultural and religious boundaries!

If you’ve seen any cool reviews, hit me up because I’d love to read them as well.

Much love.

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  • Anonymous

    There was a whole book club type discussion that can be found herehttp://pursuegod.wordpress.com/ It's a few posts back already but it was very good.

  • Anonymous

    His book also sounds interesting. We Americans have to realize how good we have it here & need to publicize the plight of minorities of all kinds in other countries.
    Thanx for sharing.