Oct 8: My One Sentence Bible

Oct 8: My One Sentence Bible October 8, 2009

What is My One Sentence Bible?

10-8-09: All the Lord asks of us is an open heart willing to listen, to then move in His ways so we’re not torn from Him. Jeremiah 13

When God’s children prophesy lies in His name, remember that God is not just of love, but also of judgment. Jeremiah 14:11-16

The Lord is dead serious about a consistent commitment and what it means to then turn your back on it. Jeremiah 15:1-9

Even so, God is chomping at the bit to restore glory for He is always with us; if we could only continue to be with Him. Jeremiah 15:19-21

Disaster comes from a stubborn heart focused on things not of God – yes, including religious things. Jeremiah 16:10-13

With God, there is restoration around every corner. Jeremiah 16:14-16

Much love.


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