The 5 Big Questions

The 5 Big Questions October 21, 2009

I am sorry for the five day layoff from posting any blogs. Time goes quick – but my head needed clearing from my emotional last week before I could possibly write anything else. I’m back now, and looking forward to continuing our time together.

On top of everything that has been going on recently, I left at 4:45am Sunday morning after the wedding for Cincy to speak at Christian Community Development Association’s national conference, as well as participate in their board of director meetings, which I am a part of their governance committee. Over the next two days I will be speaking twice (once to the youth and one general audience) as well has have two book signings.

The video above is from Youth Specialties. At their Los Angeles convention they asked me to give some practical advise for about 5 minutes. So that’s what I did. I know that’s not my face on the screen, but the first segment is me speaking. I hope you enjoy it.

Much love.

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  • Andrew
    Fantastic points that I really appreciate. Thanks! Its being willing to listen to each other thats important. However, in my experience the traditionalists are utterly unwilling to listen or take part in any dialogue with Gay Christians. I don’t know if there is any way we can overcome that when they cut us off as deadwood. Any ideas?

    in Him,

  • Roo – Thanks for the words brother. As for your question, the biggest component I can say is ‘relentless pursuit’! Let me explain:

    “Unwilling”? Maybe. “Listen”? Probably not. “Take part”? Most likely not. “Dialogue”? Could be. “Cut off”? More likely than not. “Deadwood”? Sure. How to overcome all of that? There’s only one way, relentless pursiut in the midst of the unwilling, unlistening, non-part taking, non-dialoguing, cut off people who could care less about you in combination with your belief system. It’s all about conducting yourself in the most humble relentless pursuit of relationship and dialogue so much so that they either run away for good (that’s on them) or break down and talk to you as a human to mutually listen and learn, dually beneficial in a new relationship to move where the Lord takes it. Either way, you’ve walked in a faithful manner.

    Just as I say that for straight Christians, the topic of homosexuality is not that much about the gay or lesbian person themselves – it’s about the Lord’s countercultural call to live in relation to, and relationship with. I say that because no matter what happens, straight Christians can only conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the name G-d: in relation to, and relationship with. Just the same on the opposite end, you, a gay Christian, can only conduct yourself in the same manner to conservatives: in relation to, and relationship with. Sounds easy. But do you know why it’s so hard for both groups of people? Because it’s not satisfying! There is very, very little satisfying with humbling yourself so much that you know no other way than to relentlessly pursue those who can’t stand you – those who don’t want to get involved – those who just write you off. And yet that is the exact upside down Kingdom God set forth. The Lion and the Lamb. The Ancient of Days. The Defender and the Savior. Complex, and yet simple. And when lived out in such a fashion, the most satisfying and rewarding experience possible within this human existence.

  • Stacy Bates

    I just found out about Andrew Marin & his work on facebook by way of my nieces poste (the “Im sorry” t-shirts at the Pride parade article). I am very impressed with the way this organization is reaching out to the world. As a kid John 3:17 left it’s impression on my heart, that Jesus was sent to us by God to reconcile us to Him and not to condemn us. That sounds like love to me. I grew up going to a denominational church that leaned toward the classic “hell fire & brimstone package. I loved God, but didn’t know how to have a relationship with Him or that I could. At 17 I was away from home & my usual influences when God drew me to Him with His love, not fear, but love. That was my first introduction to Gods personality, who God really is, and this is one of the reasons that compels me to write and say “Good Job Marin Foundation People!”

  • Maybe it’s that you’re not Jesus?