Ugandan Anti-Homosexual Bill

Ugandan Anti-Homosexual Bill October 30, 2009

For the past few weeks I have been greatly disturbed by what has been happening in Uganda regarding the treatment of gays and lesbians through new legislation called the Anti-Homosexual Bill. I was first made aware of the situation by a good friend of mine who I went to Moody Theological Seminary with, who now works in Uganda as a teacher at a school for girls. Shortly after I called a good friend of mine, Dr. Warren Throckmorton, who had also picked up on the story. In a brief summary, the Ugandan government is passing legislation right now that would not only imprison gays and lesbians for doing nothing other than being gay or lesbian, but also go so far as to legally be able to put them to death! Dr. Throckmorton has been covering this story very closely on his blog, and

Here is a link to a succinct overview of what the Anti-Homosexual Bill says.

Here is a link to the actual text of the bill.

Here is a wonderful piece by Dr. Throckmorton explaining why Christians should care about what’s happening to gays and lesbians in Uganda.

Dr. Throckmorton and I have been in contact with a few major secular media outlets to get the word out on a broader scale. Pray these contacts run with this story to start putting pressure on the right people.

Let me make this clear:

I don’t care how conservative your theological belief system is, killing people or imprisoning them for being gay or lesbian is wrong and should never, ever happen.

Notwithstanding, according to the bill, I, as a straight person, would also be imprisoned if I don’t turn in gays and lesbians to the Ugandan government.

It’s time to act. There is a Facebook group that has just been started, and it already has over 4,400 members. Dr. Throckmorton and I are also gathering a group of Christian leaders to compose and endorse an official letter to be sent directly to the Ugandan government. I’m sure you’re asking why the Ugandan government would listen to Christians in the United States? It’s a long story, but the short version is that this bill is being fueled by a man named Martin Ssempa (through some Ugandan outlets, claims he authored the bill as well), who has direct ties back to a large Christian church and Christian organization here in the States. I can’t say more about that right now, but know that we’re doing everything we can to get as many facts publicly out there as soon as possible!

Please spread the word. No Christian (or person in general) should ever let this happen on our watch.

I will  be updating everyone as the story unfolds.

Here is Update #1. – Message from Rick and Kay Warren

Here is Update #2. – The World Day of Prayer for Uganda on Tuesday November 17th

Here is Update #3. – Breaking News from the Uganda Church Supporting the Criminalization of GLBT

Here is Update #4. – Time for the American Gov to Step Up; Other Government’s Are Starting to Do So

Here is Update #5. – Ugandan President Speaks Out to Discard Current Anti-Gay Bill

Here is Update #6. – American Church Admits to Funding Anti-Gay Bill and Won’t Pull Funding

Here is Update #7.I was quoted in a article about the need for American evangelical churches to speak out against, and quickly cut ties with, this legislation

Here is Update #8.Public statements from Las Vegas church senior pastor on why they still financially fund the leader of the Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda

Here is Update #9. – Las Vegas Church finally cuts financial ties with the leader of the Anti-Gay Bill in Uganda

Much love.

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  • Andrew,

    A very dear friend of mine, and former Young Life kid from the 70's, is the current Consul to Uganda (Bob Goff). He runs an IJM-like mission called Restore International (rescues children from slavery and prostitution). I have emailed him with a link to this article and asked if he would be interested in helping. He may not be, but I thought I'd let you know I gave it a shot.

    Here's his website:

  • Wow! Randy, thank you so much. My direct email is If you hear anything from him, I would love to talk. Much love!

  • So glad to have you on board with this, Andrew. Warren Throckmorton, I and a few others felt as if we were crying in the wind initially.

  • Michael Bussee

    I also want to thank you for speaking out. God bless you.

  • Clear, concise, and definitive. Thank you for taking a strong stand on this Andrew.

  • Br. Michael

    If I had the funds, I live in Uganda. As a monk, I know I survive longer there then here, because there deserves the same peace we have here.

  • I´ve been all over these developments in Uganda for quite a while at my blog…I´m Episcopalian/Anglican and I´ve been greatly disturbed about the ¨ethics and morality¨ that is portrayed as honorable by Archbishop Henri Orombi and others…it´s a very poisioness atmosphere for LGBT Christians/others and as the police in Kampala reported to The Monitor yesterday, there isn´t even a serious issue with LGBTI people…human sacrifices and sex slavery (as mentioned above) are critical issues in Uganda of today…Minister Buturo inviting Scott Lively to instruct the Ugandan Parliment Members on the vileness of Homosexuality (which he compared to having sex with children and animals)…is way off track, emotional and spiritual and now this deadly Homosexual 2009 Bill is on the table to be voted on…someone ought get to the President to have him intervene so a proper ¨spiritual and emotional¨ study, with REAL EXPERTS can be considered properly…this is railroading…why?

  • Amen, Andy! This is absolutely absurd that we should even HAVE to do this! I don't know if Brian McLaren has been updated on this, but I just sent him an email, and I'm hoping he can mobilize a few more souls to this no-brainer of a human rights protest.


  • (Check out Exodus International's ties to this abomination. Box Turtle Bulletin has covered it extensively since one of Exodus International's board members particiapted in the panel study that birthed this legislation.)

  • william mccallum

    I can ubderstand your concern at deveopments in Uganda over the direction of action on homosexual practice.

    Is there not a great concern also at the direction being taken in the U? by the Government and some parts of the Church of Jesus Christ?

    If concern is not expressed fairly across the board then a concern expressed in one direction can only be seen for what it is – a biased concern to control not only reporting but action of a free democrastic country.

  • William – I don't know what is happening specifically with the Church of Jesus Christ. Please fill me (us) in so we can express fairly across the board in all directions. Thank you.

  • this is appalling crap. how can people think that violent judgemental behavioris biblical? when jesus said love your neighbour he was doing a midrash on a leviticus passage which was actually hidden in extra-biblical jewish thought which enforced a new reality that we are responsible to one another. it pisses me off when we people think the bible is a tool to justify wrong behavior or to create an exclusive doctrine that creates even more outcasts whom jesus came for. it is a scary thing when the church is making outcasts. i really liked this post, would love to stay in touch and see how we could partner…


    i think that killing is not the solution for dealing with problem of the guy people in uganda, if this was the same law which was to be passed on corruption since it is also is a moral problem i think few Political leaders the goverment would have delt with povert rather than this