Purchase our “I’m Sorry” T-Shirts!

Purchase our “I’m Sorry” T-Shirts! June 30, 2010

The response we have gotten from this ‘I’m Sorry from the Church’ Campaign 2010 has been unreal! We have some huge plans in the works right now for the upcoming national ‘I’m Sorry from the Church’ Campaign 2011. But in the meantime, Kevin, Nathan and I have been getting TONS of emails and Facebook messages asking where people can buy the I’m Sorry shirts. So…here’s the answer in 2 easy steps:

1. Send an email to kevin@themarinfoundation.org requesting the unisex size shirt you would like to have (S-XXXL) and also include your shipping address

2. Purchase the shirt for $20 by clicking the secure PayPal donation button on the left side-bar of this blog (and no, you will not have to pay shipping).

We just did not expect how this would spread like wildfire, and therefore we don’t have any extra shirts currently available. However we’re ordering them asap and your shirt will be shipped to you as soon as we recieve them. Thanks everyone.

Keep apologizing. Reconciliation will happen when we take the first step…

PS – Just so we’re being upfront with everyone: The shirts cost $10.50 per shirt, the shipping is $5 and PayPal takes 2% (which is .40). So that is $15.90, thus, The Marin Foundation will make $4.10 per shirt. And 100% of the shirt profits go directly to our work.

Much love.


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  • Thank you so much for coming out (pun intended) in this manner and for taking Jesus’ message of peace and love to heart.

  • Amanda

    Thank you. You’re an awesome example of what true Christian Faith is about. Now, if we can only get the others on board. (the others meaning the ones who still hate)

    I have friends in the GLBT community. I also have pagan friends. We all are up front about who we are and no one pushes. I once worked with a guy in SF who saw me buy a set of Christian CD’s. He asked if they were for someone else, I said no. He took a couple steps back from me. I knew why. I told him I’m not some Bible-thumping freak who prefers to convert everyone around her. I love all people, no matter what. That’s what Jesus really did. He didn’t hate differences, he loved and accepted them… no matter what. He listened and understood. As do I. I changed a pagan friends mind that day. No, I didn’t convert him, I just showed him that most of us are not haters… we really follow what Jesus taught.

    Thank you again.

  • Jessie VanDevelde

    Please notify me as to how I can help with the Marin Foundation. How can I help bridge the gap between Christians and homosexuals?


    • Mallory H

      I’m not involved in the Marin Foundation (other than a fan & praying for it.)

      But… I do know that you should read the book first (Love Is An Orientation)… I can tell from this post that you haven’t done that yet.
      ; P It’s a good start.

  • FrankieLoux

    This is amazing. i know churches where i live that say they accept all when they dont. im super glad you did this, building the bridge between communities and letting them know we really are sorry. Jesus is proud <3

  • This is exactly how Jesus would have handled this situation. “Neither do I condemn you”. So awesome!

  • Rahadyan

    I was raised in the Conservative Baptist tradition but left the denomination (and then Christianity entirely) many years ago. Had I experienced more tolerance in many aspects of who I am, I might not have left. Thank you for this.

    • Wow. Thank you Rahadyan. I’m humbled. Much love.

  • nmb

    ‘this is exactly how jesus would have handled the situation’

    By pocketing 12-15$ per shirt for personal gain?


    • nmb: What would you suggest. Free shirts AND shipping?

    • nmb – Actually, the shirts cost $10.50 per shirt, the shipping is $5 and PayPal takes 2% (which is .40). So that is $15.90, thus, The Marin Foundation will make $4.10 per shirt. And 100% of the shirt profits go directly to our work. Thanks for asking.

  • Mrs T

    How about some fund-raising so the work can continue? They are not rich!
    BTW, I have been after Andy for a long time to make T-shirts to sell at speaking engagements. Rock stars charge more like $30, don’t they? TMF would charge less & they don’t sell tickets to make any money! This is a non-profit organization!

  • Thank you sooooo much, Tristan, for showing Jesus’ Grace in peole’s lives. To all of you who did a remarkable and courageous deed,I salute you. That is exactly what Jesus would have done.

    Do check out our website – we’re a small church, Real Love Ministry, tucked inside the state of Historic Melaka in Malaysia. I’m an ex-gay and our Pastor was an ex-gay. We’re not anti-gay but we embrace those who want out of the homosexual lifestyle, those who wany a more fulfilled life – be it celibacy or the embracing of the redeemed lifestyle which the heterosexual one that may or may not lead to marriage.

    We want people namely Churches to love homosexuals, lesbians, transgenders, transexuals, bisexuals, etc. for who they are. They’re human, too and created in God’s image. We want them to know that Jesus loves them soooo much that His love is out of this world and He died for them, too

    You did a marvellous job – you’ve glorified Jesus and showed Him for who He really is – a Man of Grace and Compassion.

    Thank you and keep it up!

  • Sorry, I meant thank you sooo much to Nathan, Kevin and the rest of the team.

    Incidentally, I think it’s no coincidence that I thanked Tristan too as he did show Jesus’ Grace by hugging Christians out of love. He may have disliked them before but not anymore. Praise Jesus!

  • Mike

    Sir, you have in doubt changed the world for the better!
    This message is truly what Jesus preached so many years ago and still preaches to this day.

    I’m not a practicing christian but this has shown me that his love is unconditional and I thank you for sharing it with me.

    I’ve never met you but I love you man !

    • Love you too Mike!!! 🙂 My heart is filled…

  • Emily

    Do the shirts come in any lighter colors? I live in a hot and humid climate, so a black shirt would be baaaaaad.

    As both a Christian and a lesbian, I’m really glad to see that organizations are trying to reach out and bridge this gap of hatred. When I was a junior in high school, I had to leave my church, because after testing the waters I found that if anyone discovered my orientation, then there would be a problem. It was quite hard for me to come to this decision, because I had been born into this church, baptized at six weeks, then I confirmed by baptism at age twelve, so many friends and retreats and fun experiences, all had to be left behind simply because of this bias against orientation. I never left God but simply the church. I continued my daily prayer, and my reliance and devotion to the relationship. I became a church of one, but many people are not strong enough to do that, and being ostracized from their church would truly shake them. I hope this movement of acceptance continues to spread.

    • Emily – Thank you so much for sharing! I feel so humbled by this. As of right now they only come in black, but if you have a specific color you would like it to be, we can look into seeing how we could do a limited run on another color? Let me know..

      • alovingmom

        Emily, Thank you for sharing. I am new to this site and just only found out about because my daughter- who is just 16- is a lesbian. She, too, is aChristian and came to me because she believed I needed to know. She has not yet told anyone else. I was shocked to find out but know that God made her wonderfully and sent her to us as a gift from him. I just want to make sure she continues to be faithful and when I found this site knew it would be a perfect resource for her and I- and hopefully our family and friends when she decides that she can let everyone know.

  • Lory

    I want to purchase an “I’m Sorry” tshirt, but when I sent an email to the address given it won’t accept my hotmail email! I don’t use any other email so what do I do?

    • Lory – You can email me direclty (andrew@themarinfoundation.org) and tell me the size and address and we’ll get it to you!

  • CLR

    Do you ship overseas (Europe)?

    • CLR – We sure will ship them to Europe! Just let us know where!

  • Are the shirts restocked? What if someone wants to sub sell the shirts under your organization. For instance, if I am speaking to a church group somewhere and want to make the shirts available to those I’m speaking to.

    • Wayne – We are continuing to order batches of them as the requests still are rolling in. So if you would like to sell them just let us know what type of group you are talking to (youth, adults, etc so we can approximate the sizes) and how many you would like and we’ll get them out to you. Thanks! 🙂

  • What a great thing you have started! My college age son talks about how he sees Christians putting people down for being different. I try to show him that is not right. As a Christian I want to LOVE others. I want to try to follow the example Christ gave while he was on earth. Loving and accepting even those deemed the lowest of his days. The prostitue, the tax collector… Jesus is the example I want to follow. My son tells me that I am an exception. I am glad that he can now see there are others out there who feel the same as me. We are not to judge, just love and accept people for who they are. I explain to my son that I may not agree with what some people choose to do or the way they live. But, I am a not going to be casting stones! I am sure there are things I do that others would chose not to… I am a sinner and want to be loved and accepted too. I am glad that I am loved unconditionally by the Lord, because I will never live up to all the expectations of this world!!!

    Good Job!!

  • Robert

    Very thankful that there’s someone out there that’s trying to enlighten the rest of the flock. Thank you for setting a better example.

  • Kyndra Nevin

    Hello. I was wondering if you are affiliated with any churches or congregations that hold regular services and, if so, do any of them allow ‘practicing’ GBLT persons to recieve communion?


  • Michael

    As a social worker and therapist who happens to be gay, I wanted to let you know I appreciate the sensitivity and nuance you bring to a complex issue. It is easy to divide people and difficult to try to bridge differences. I commend to for your efforts and wish you well.

  • Christine Osbrink

    My husband and I so appreciate the work you are doing to bless people with the love of Jesus! It is refreshing and inspiring to see fellow believers living out authentic faith. 🙂 May God continue to go before you and equip you with His Holy Spirit, as you do the work you are called to for the furthering of the Kingdom! We really enjoyed seeing you featured on “Red Letter Christians”.