The Marin Foundation 2011 Budget

The Marin Foundation 2011 Budget December 30, 2010

Yesterday I posted The Marin Foundation’s 2010 donation and expense records. And here is our vision and budget for 2011, which totals $313,599 (if you want to financially join in our work, you can set up a reocurring donation here)

Five Sections in The Marin Foundation (TMF) Budget:

I.          Bridge Building

II.        New Way Activism

III.       Dissemination

IV.       Organizational

V.        Overhead

VI.       Summary

I. Bridge Building

A. Trainings

Includes the full TMF Bridge Building Framework:

Educational Classes, Living in the Tension Gatherings, Organizational Leadership, Staff, Member, and Community Training, Assistance with Strategic Bridge Building Partnerships, Regular In-Person Follow-Ups, Live Chats (online and over Skype) and On-Going Sustainability Consulting.

1. North America:

TMF gets more requests to implement our Bridge Building Framework than we can possibly accept due to a lack of funding. The following North American breakdown is to fund the entities that do not have the budget to cover the expenses.

Churches: $16,500

Universities (Secular and Christian): $16,500

Government and Partners: $9,000

NGOs: $9,000

Total: $51,000

(50% of this total, in each of the four target groups, is allocated specifically for minority populations)

2. International:          

The following budgeted money funds the expenses international agencies cannot cover:

Government and Partners: $8,500

Churches: $8,500

Universities (Secular and Christian): $5,500 

NGOs: $5,000

Total: $27,500

B. Education

1. Culture War Curriculum: Elevating the Conversation

Track #1 for LGBT: $2,750

Track #2 for Straight Christian (specifically for Conservatives): $2,750

Total: $5,500

These numbers are based on a total of 100 people going through TMF’s Culture War Curriculum, which would cost TMF $55/person. It includes the curriculum in hard copy, the book Love is an Orientation, and food throughout. After these 100 people, TMF will have to charge for the classes.

C. Bridge Building Summit 2011

This is a national gathering of LGBT secular, Christian and academics, as well as straight secular, Christian and academics, to engage lectures and Question and Response (Q&R) surrounding Bridge Building and Reconciliation between the LGBT and faith communities.

Total: $10,000

That covers facilities, and budgets $2,000/honorarium and flight for four unique presenters from the LGBT community and the conservative community.

D. Latino and African-American Youth

There is a homeless youth “problem” in Boystown. Gay African-American and Latino boys are getting kicked out of their homes by their strong believing Baptist and Catholic parents by the masses. With no where to go they come to Boystown seeking help. There is no help designated for them. In fact, the predominantly white Boystown neighborhood abuses these boys while calling the boys “the problem.” So quite a few of them end up prostituting themselves and turning tricks to get along. TMF’s vision is to rent and equip space and personnel that can be a 24/7 refuge and community center for these youth.

Our goal would be to rent an apartment with supervisors to house some of these kids:

1. 24/7 Community Center (Apartment): $24,000

($1,500/month rent and $500/month for food, utilities. We would have a permanent live-in host in one bedroom, and bunks in the other bedroom)

Bridge Building Total: $118,000

II. New Way Activism

A. Living in the Tension Gatherings

These gatherings form intentional, sustainable communities that bring together in one place all different shades of what is faith and sexuality in our culture today: non-Christian LGBT, Gay Christian, Celibate, ‘Ex-Gay’, Liberal and Conservative Straight Christians and non-Christian Straight people. Where else in our culture do these groups get together for a common goal of reconciliation? The point is to learn and struggle through what it means to peacefully and productively connect with ‘the other’ and then take that out into your own sphere of influence to affect the same change. These gatherings rotate locations between the oldest and most well known gay bar in Chicago, Roscoes, and a conservative church. The point is to get each group out of their comfort zones by taking them to places they usually wouldn’t go.

TMF has also had the opportunity to ‘plant’ Living in the Tension groups throughout the United States (mostly on college campuses) as well as throughout the United Kingdom.

Small Group Gatherings—Twice a Month $2,400 ($100/gathering)

-These small gatherings are the core group.   

Large Group Gatherings—Once a Quarter $4,000 ($1,000/gathering)

These large gatherings are all of the core groups coming together, and involve a speaker. The last two large group gatherings, the speakers have been an Intersex person (anatomically male and female) as well as Tony Campolo (a Christian who was the spiritual advisor to President Clinton).

Total: $6,400

2. Leadership Roundtables: $6,000 (12 gatherings at $500)

These leadership roundtables are, in essence, private Living in the Tension Gatherings for executives from government, NGOs, universities and churches.

B. TMF Grant

In 2011 TMF will give out a grant to support a unique work of bridge building. Applications are due December 15th each year, and the award is given in January. 2011’s total grant is $1,000.

C. I’m Sorry Campaign

What was originally a small form of TMF’s understanding of a new way of activism, turned into national headlines. From 29,000 people ‘liking’ it on Facebook to spots on ABC to almost a million hits to our page in one month…

From all of the attention that followed, TMF has gotten a number of request to do the I’m Sorry Campaign in cities all over. We have narrowed the list down to these cities in which we have gotten the most support for the Campaign, and are planning on attending:

Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Atlanta, Cleveland, London and Brighton, UK

Domestic:  $3,500

International: $2,000

Total costs include two plane tickets, lodging and material for up to twenty people: $5,500

New Way Activism Total:        $18,900

III. Dissemination

1. Website/Blog: $0 ($12,000 in-kind work on the website and blog is donated each year by McLane Creative)

2. Email Newsletters: $600 (Cost $50/month to send out the ENews via MailChimp)

3. Postal Newsletters: $3,000 (Cost $250/month for printing, stamps and envelopes)

4. Bulk Love is an Orientation Books to Sell: $4,500 (TMF is able to buy 1,000 LIAO books for $4.50/book. After selling them for $15, TMF nets $6,000)

5. Swag: $1,500 (Includes wrist bands and t-shirts to sell for profit)

Dissemination Total:               $9,600

IV. Organizational

1. Continuing Education and Staff Development: $10,000 (Includes books, seminars and certain college credits)

2. Board of Director Meetings: $2,000 (Two meetings annually)

3. Partner Meetings: $2,000 (Meetings around the country with partners and funders of the work of TMF)

4. TMF Savings Account: $2,500

Organizational Total: $16,500

V. Overhead

A. Salaries

1. Andrew Marin, President and Founder: $49,999

2. Kevin Harris, Assistant to Andrew Marin and Director of Community Relations: $18,000 (Kevin would have to raise $6,000 in personal support)

3. Nathan Albert, Director of Pastoral Care: $9,000 (Nathan would have to raise $15,000 in personal support)

4. Brenda Marin, MBA/MS Organizational Behavior, Director of Operations: $6,000

B. Insurance and Fees

5. Payroll taxes and Fees (including credit card fees for books and swag): $29,000

6. Health, Dental and Eye Insurance: $33,600

7. Offices: $0 ($30,000 worth of office space donated in-kind to TMF each year by First Evangelical Free Church & Community Center)

8. Supplies and Maintenance: $3,000

9. Utilities: $2,000

Overhead Total: $150,599

VI.       Summary

$163,000 (programs) + $150,599 (overhead) = $313,599

If you want to financially join in our work, you can set up a one-time or reocurring monthly donation here!

If you have any questions, please ask and I will answer them.

Much love.

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9 responses to “The Marin Foundation 2011 Budget”

  1. Are there any gay or lesbian paid staff there? I see a woman is paid the lowest wages there. What’s up with that? I think it might be useful for straight people to give dollars to this group, so that it can go and speak out against homophobia in the straight conservative churches. However, it is vitally important for gays and lesbians to support churches that are 100% gay owned and operated, and support lesbian and gay organizations where there is staff and wage equality. Taking dollars away from minority communities to funnel to white straight men is not the best strategy in the world. I assume you’ll have a hiring priority for pastoral care that consists of gay and lesbian ministers in the future? Might be a good idea.

    • Jenny – Thanks for asking! Here are the answers:

      1. The woman who does all of our accounting volunteers her time (she gets paid from her full time job) and is a lesbian in a comitted relationship. We also have a gay man who is paid on staff as well.

      2. The woman who is the lowest paid person is my wife, Brenda. As a couple, we only need a certain amount of money to live and so that’s what we pay ourselves. She just got laid off of her job, so this will be the first year she will be with the Foundation. Also, she has her MBA and a Masters of Science in Organizational Behavior. So technically I could change the numbers to read that I make $27,999.50 and Brenda makes $27,999.50 a year. But because The Marin Foundation is so small, the Foundation would have to pay a lot more in company taxes if we scheduled it like that. We schedule it as we do to be allowed to allocate the most money we can to our work instead of overhead costs.

      3. In light of what I just said, everyone who works for the Foundation makes huge financial sacrifices. So each of us gets paid what we need to live. Salaries are not assigned by any one person; they are decided upon together, by each of us, as a group

      4. NO ONE is taking money and funneling it to anyone; let any ‘white straight men.’ That is an uninformed, politically charged false accusation and it’s completely wrong. You can donate your money to whomever you choose, but don’t perpetuate wrong stereotypes to The Marin Foundation, who we have always been open and honest about everything – especially our financial donations and expenditures.

      5. You don’t need to assume that we are all straight and what we should do in the ‘future’ – as we all know what ‘assume’ -ing things does. Out of the 5 of us that work for TMF (including our volunteer accountant that is an integral part of our team), there is 1 lesbian, 1 straight female, 1 gay male and 2 straight males. Please no longer assume anything about us.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. So let me see if I understand this — you have a mixed staff of volunteers.
    Are there any lesbians on staff getting actual $? What is the total pay of all the women on staff there?

    Would having a wife on staff be a conflict of interest? Nepotism perhaps? These are all fair questions.

    Remember, the gay community is the community being attacked by the big bucks, and by straight conservative churches. It’s reach is international and horrifying. We have every right to be suspicious of any organization that deals with the gay community, and every right to be concerned about how women are paid or not paid in the organization.

    And pay issues are pretty central. So if you start out with income inequality…how it begins is pretty much how it ends.

    • Jenny – You have every right to be suspicious. I agree. That is why we post everything.

      In light of our transparency, can you please alert me to any LGBT organization (which almost all of them pay more to gay men than lesbians) who post all of their donations, expenses, budgets and payroll freely on the internet for others to examine? I would love to see a link to that. Or, how about any non-profit who does that?

  3. You are right in being cautious about money issues in any organization,
    However, Andrew started with an idea & it grew from there slowly. He has a small organization & at least one person was after him to work for him. I think one of the others also did. If I had computer skills(& other things), I’d be there, too!!
    I love what he is doing & perhaps if he had more money, he would be able to hire more folks & expand the work. Like many charitable organizations, volunteers are welcome. The woman who volunteers obviously loves TMF & wants to give her time!!

  4. Remember, Mrs. T., women have been helpmeets for centuries, men have raked in the money. Christian men have made a big business out of this.
    Not that this organization is filled with white male cash. It is only beginning, but it’s financial ideology needs to be put out there for all to see, and lesbians in particular need to know what’s in it for them. Sorry to be so blunt here, but what is in it for women?
    So as a lesbian, I want to know if any women are being paid for their work, how much, and also how many lesbians receive money for their work.
    It’s pretty simple. If this organization is truly transparent, then it needs to say–no lesbians are paid, or lesbian labor in 1/8 what straight men are paid, or just percentages. Money reveals, money can’t hide, money is not lip service. MONEY tells all I’m afraid. It is the true statement of faith of any Christian or spiritual organization. I like it because you can measure money, and who gets it, but it’s hard to pin down words. Talk is cheap as they say.

    • Jenny: There are no lesbians currently on staff of TMF, as evidenced by the summary above. There is only one paid female currently on staff. I’m not sure how much more transparent they can be.

  5. Well, the idea came to a white male – or he put it into action first.
    There are so many great ideas out there & there is room for more of them. Maybe there could be a lesbian-led organization of this type that only hires women. There’s cetainly room for that!!
    Take a look at Brenda’s blog. She considers herself a feminist & her job was a high-level job. She is no namby-pamby 2nd fiddle! With all her expertise, she has a lot to offer TMF! Andrew respects this. He is not an ‘alpha-male’ any more & hasn’t been for years!!
    Jenny, it is true that men usually raked in the money, but it is also true that there are lots of rich or comfortable widows who are very creative with their money. Somehow certain guys didn’t get around to spending it!

    I would love to see TMF grow. The message is so important. Andrew is sensitive to the needs of various minorities. He definitely is not seeking to make this a white male organization. He is seeking to build bridges that have been in disrepair(or didn’t exist) for centuries!
    Let’s encourage him!